FS Multiple blasters *SOLD*

For sale. Will sell the lot for $400 plus postage. Please message for location or individual prices.


Hi is this stii available

I’m in bundaberg are they all operational

What is the one without a stock under the 2 pumpys

I’m pretty sure that’s an XM316 (Gen8)

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@Kenmar73 xm316 gen 8

Brisbane area, looking for prices on pistols, shotguns and XM316 separately

@Johnnie_Tuff they are all pending atm. Will let you know if the sale falls through.

No worries, thanks mate

I guess 1st in means shit these days. Thanks for nothing

$400 is a steal

@Kain_Taylor I had these listed elswhere and someone messaged me there first. They are picking up next weekend and if they dont you are next in line.
It is my bad I didnt mention they were listed in multiple places. Sorry.


Did u sell them

@Kenmar73 all gone mate.

No worries, just got a xm316 , 10 minutes ago from gold coast