FS Rizer metal hop up master

Item : RZ hop up master, metal body with plastic steel inside hop up parts ,latest version
link : https://www.chgbbs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=549

It says mashter on the side.

Still Rizer brand , same as other seller selling

Why do you only have blue ?

I just got the blue instock only .
For black or red, I can check if factory have current stock if you after them .

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Oh im not saying its not rizer, just had a funny mental image reading it


I allready ordered Black ones in Australia but I am sure many others would prefer other colors too :wink:


Now who on earth would want a blue hop up or a red one for that matter which I can’t even give away if I ever get :rofl:

Red and Blue are not the new black :rofl:


Accents man, introduce some colour into your life :rofl:

Black is a colour bro :wink:

Nope. It’s a shade lad

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Specifically the absolute absence of all reflected light, where as white is the reflection of all light.


Bloody engineers… stop bringing facts into a totally subjective argument :sweat_smile:
I’m trying to get get @Rattler to brighten up :rofl:


Thank you Simon ! Finally someone who doesn’t talk gibberish :raised_hands:
Now if only these :clown_face:’s could dull it down a little !
@Maystro See what he said there “Absence of all reflected light” , now that has to be good :+1:


It’s clowns like me bro that make you look good and colorful :crazy_face:
How dull is black and is there another colour devoid of more light than black that you can embrace???

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Yes !

Black gel balls would be cool

You sure you couldn’t go a shade darker like USA stealth force black?
I will always find you, all I have to say is i need some help and this helpful buddy will stick his head up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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