Full Insanity Custom 13:1 M4A1 Gen 8 Build - 290-300 FPS build (Price Drop)

Now $400

Full Insanity Custom 13:1 M4A1 Gen 8 Build - 290-300 FPS build

Please see attached parts list, images, and video link.

This blaster has never been used in the field. Built with all new parts. Sold as new.

Gen 8 Nylon Gear Box Housing Version 2 Singularity (Luck to be You)
SHS 13:1 gear set
SHS M100 To get it under 300FPS (M110 will do 320-330fps)
SHS hardened pinion
SHS steel bearing set
SHS Anti Reverse latch and spring
Nylon Piston set with Full Metal Rack
SHS metal double o-ring Piston Head
AOE Corrected
Nylon Tappet Plate - Modified for high rate of fire
MST Steel cylinder
CNC brass cylinder head (double o-ring) + nozzle
Red 460 Chihai Motor
27.5cm Tight bore FB Blue barrel with gen8 T-Piece
Silver wire kit with x60 connector
Upgraded return spring
Metal “Blade” Trigger
Steel Spring Retainer

x316 Gen 8 Receiver
9inch Tan Metal Hand-guard
Kriss Suppressor
Mock Black Battery Box
Angled metal picatinny rail (for torch or laser mount)
Tan front Grip
custom outer barrel with inner barrel stabilisers
Metal Carry Handle and Metal Front Sight
Alloy Buffer Tube and Alloy buffer tube adaptor
Tan Stock
Duel (2x) Gen 8 Tan Magazines with coupler

Cost: $400 + Postage



what ROF you pumpin with them 13:1’s?

It’s about 50 - 55 rps

Bump Bump Bump… Price drop. $350.00

Any proof of 50-55rps? That would take it into a dsg rof area.

Arent those red chi hai’s 30krpm @11.1v? That would technically put it in the 35-40rps area if everything is working sweet.

It’s the s460 black and red super speed&torque chaihai motor in there. It does about 37krpm. The tappet plate has also been modified to short stroke.

I dunno how to really test, I have run it through the chrono on the video. I’m not really sure though. Could be 45rps?

Ahh yep rightio. Yeah i think 40-45 would make sense but i dont think you would be in the 50-55rps area with that set up.

Have you got any photos of the modified tappet?? I’m doing a similar build that’s around 40rps so im interested in what changes were made to the tappet.:blush:

You should be able to set the chrono up so if you give it a burst of about 20rounds it should give you a rounds per minute then divide that by 60

That chrono should give you rps directly

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Nice one! Might have to invest in one of those.

Whats the reason for the selling of this beast mate? Is it still for sale aswell?

Yeah mate. Still for sale.

Had it built a customer, they backed out, so have posted it here.

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This is now SOLD,… :+1::grinning: