Full metal M4 with APS box complete...unreal

This has been a long time coming but I’ve finally finished and wow. This thing looks as good as an F1 and blows them out of the park.

To prove, here are some stats.

The insanity motor M180 is really rapid firing now.

Kudos must also go to the new Gold Bruisemaster barrel which is a work of art. Nearly too good to hide in side an outer barrel.


Accuracy over range?

Certainly looks the part

Should be pretty accurate with that 430mm Bruisemaster barrel.
I’ll let you know this weekend in real world conditions when I go in my next skirmish.


Nice work! Looks sharp

Damn it ;-(
I was stress testing my new ■■■. Okay not really just emptying mags and enjoying this new fire power I have and got then the dreaded zzzzzzddddd strip noise you get from the bevel gear.
I’m guessing that M180 motor was too much of a beast for the standard cast metal APS gears.
Any recommendations guys for new gear sets. I have the SHS 18:1 gears in my modded gen9 which have been reliable in a 330 fps blaster.
Please don’t tell me about those Siegetek gears, I have spent enough and trying to keep this below the missus radar :wink:

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What size spring? 3S?


Is that motor designed for an m180 spring?

What is the tpa or rpm rating?

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With a spring that heavy you may just have to suck it up and get some pristine gears

You really want a high TPA though

looks like the bevel to pinion needed shimming.

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Dann you have an eye for detail @LowGuido


Could you get any info on your motor, like the TPA? I couldn’t find squat on the M150 that I’ve got. I’ll know to make sure I’ve shimmed the bevel to pinion when I get around to putting it into something - learning from your accident! Damn!

Would you just go SHS again?

I did shim this correctly well to my best ability. I just use the shake method. Apparently the new MK box has shim inspection points which would be good.

the wear marks on the bevel show that the pinion was up high enough into the box but the bevel gear itself needed a shim or two to bring it into the pinion more.
the little sharp pointers left on the outer edge of the bevel say that the bottom of the pinion gear were higher than the outer circumference of the bevel. this tells me that despite the taper on both gears the pinion still couldn’t get a good mesh even when pushed up too high into the box.
the way the teeth are worn away as opposed to broken of supports this theory.
OR, another posibility is that the motor tower was too small and the motor itself was able to move enough to bring the pinion out of mesh.


I don’t like the shake method.

Once shimmed I like to add up the shim sizes, add that to the gear width and compare that against the inner cavity on the gearbox.

This won’t protect against the bevel being too low as @LowGuido eludes to but definitely does away with play the shake test might allow

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Ok thanks inspector Cluso. I did notice when it was all assembled that the bevel gear shaft looked like it didn’t go far enough into the top bearing.
Maybe I was lazy and just wanted to shoot my new ■■■ :sweat_smile:


Addict!1 :rofl: :+1: ^^

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I’m not judging your tech ability. (secretly I am) but I’m just trying to help you work out why it failed so you can get it right next time.


Secretly I just want to be your neighbour and just drop all these parts over to your place and then miraculously they just turn up at my door step in the form of a kick ass ■■■ and then go war gaming with you and make sure I’m on the same red team as you.

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Or maybe the time after that if you don’t do as you are told :rofl:

@LowGuido I reckon you are on to.it with motor wobble. @Maystro how is the fit of the motor shaft tower into the box?