Full metal piston

Hi guys,

If you get a full metal piston would you then need to upgrade your housing to metal as well?

if you have 18:1 gears do you want 13 or 14 teeth on your piston? Or does it matter and what would that extra tooth do for it.

And some tech was saying that CNC gears you need to dremil them down to fit inside a gearbox housing?
Has anyone else had this experience, or do they just go right in and then shim away?


No you can use a full metal piston with a nylon gearbox case. I personally wouldn’t use a full metal piston , I prefer nylon with a metal rack like SHS 14t.
Use 14t or 14.1/2 t
The ratio doesn’t change how many teeth you need on the piston because the sector is the same.
18:1 should go straight in no mods.

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Awesome, Thanks Rattler.

Oh also don’t buy cheap cast or pressed metal gears, they don’t last, get cut or machined metal like SHS as a minimum :+1:

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Are these machined or cut?

Machined or cut mean the same thing.
I am using those in two different blasters and they have been very good :+1:

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Thanks Rattler,
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Very nice thank you !
Surprisingly it’s very relaxing :v: