Fully automatic pre-feeding chip

Hi there,

Does anyone install this pre-feeding chip on their blaster yet?

GalapagosJ was praising their use recently.

Nice idea, I like but haven’t bothered :rofl:

i got one coming having won one of his prize pack of goodies. yay me


Yeah, watched his video, pretty brilliant idea.
Anyway i just received it, going to install on my gen 8 gearbox n see how it goes.

Keen to hear feedback on ease of placement.

I imaging wiring will be pretty easy

Yeah pretty straight forward on gen 8 gearbox not much fuss but on V2 GB is not different ball games due to limited space on wiring channel. it might get grind by the motor if not properly bedded on the GB :thinking:

Inside the box?

Hmm…I’d envisaged beside the t piece

well noted on that when install it on v2 GB. thnx mate :+1: :v:

It’s clever but IMO overthinking a simple step.
A button will do for me.


A pre pew pew squeeze works the trick for me.

Still, niceties are always on the list


If I went down the electronics route I’d prefer an optical sensor that activated the inserted mag till the tpiece was filled.


Smaxx of effort and single point of failure


Yeah. I’ve had IT stuff die because of fake components, and that was from a company which honours it’s warranties. Switches I can fix and/or replace with better parts if I need to. Wave soldered PCBs from a supplier who probably already stopped making them, not so much …

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