Funny stuff - Gel / skirmish / blaster related

In my search for handguards, I found this…

And then I found this…



I want one of these… a redneck swiss army blaster :grin:


Something pretty funny… my ‘buy now’ finger bought me a Ghillie suit :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Couldn’t resist… only a cheap one, but looks pretty good :+1:

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Marty, That red hand guard looks like it is meant for paw people?

Here was me thinking you were loaded? :rofl:



Ps. That ghillie suit looks fantastic. If you are wearing that and have to hide in a field of ghillie suits or green shaggy muppets, you’ll be invisible!


Eggzakly :yum: :+1:

I guess you dont know that its the extra real stuff you add to a ghillie suit from the location you are at, that makes a ghillie suit work?

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Send me the hand guard link @Arty_Marty

Wholly FK…the price!

That’s absurd but U guess for a real ar15 it would be chicken feed

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We have all shot at bottles… not what the bottles were designed for…

This is another use for bottles they weren’t designed for…

Pretty funny I thought :laughing:


And these Russian guys have obviously consumed plenty of substance from bottles we could use as targets?

Or, perhaps, these guys should be be used as targets?

It was once a catchy tune…:rofl:

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Oh my, it’s in English

Reminds me of the pogues

The Lenningrad Cowboys murder… er, I mean, have their renditions of many popular (once) songs… check out the intertubes…

Maybe not eh

I left my masochistic hat at a client’s place

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