G18 dual barrel idea

I came across a bipod for rifle the turns 90 degrees to stop if from spliting and thought why not come up with one the attach to glocks 18 and comes apart when you turn it back so you have a fore grip for two pistol aka trying to make this anyone kniw a good 3D print program to design and howwouldyou get measurements for the slide rails underneath

Hey there, welcome to the forum.
Best 3d printing design software is Fusion360, free for home use.
Plenty of things on youtube to help you learn. It’s a bit tough at first but once you get your head around it, really easy. Stick with it. It’s worth it.

As for measuring things, get a vernier calliper.

I avoid the digital ones because ones like this are quicker and more accurate.


Oh no , maybe cheap digital but not Mitutoyo :thinking:

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The basic non digital verniers are great for measurements that aren’t desperately critical… like length of bolts or depth of holes… or seeing if a drill bit is 8 or 8.5mm and stuff like that… I wouldn’t like to try and machine parts too accurately without a digital vernier (measured against something known or a micrometer)

Sometimes, for big and non critical measurements, turning on and zero-ing a digital all the time can be a pain in the rrr’s laughing (1)


Oh see if you had a Mitutoyo digital caliper you would never need to turn on and zero it each time, it also retains where it is no matter if it’s off or on and it’s also IP67 coolant proof :+1:

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Well, when I say they are better than digital, I’m talking about this sort of digital which are crap…
images (24)
I can get easily a 10th of a millimetre without trying hard with a manual one…

Marty your a machinist now you need good quality measuring equipment and to learn the correct lingo :rofl:
Those things in your photo are actually very good, for stirring paint !
Ok so a 10th of a milmillimeter is called 0.10mm and in our game that is not a small increment and the Mitutoyo’s digital calipers resolution is 0.01mm and repeatability is 0.01mm

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As an old school toolmaker I was taught precise measurement using micrometers, Vernier calipers, spring calipers, etc
Dial calipers and digital calipers were reasonably accurate but we used them as indication only. Your eye can split a couple of vernier scale graduations, but digitals can’t… so Vernier scale calipers were preferred and they’re all I use now… there’s a reason digi calipers read to two decimal places in metric mode.

Fortunately, blasters aren’t F/A-18 fighters, so even the cheaper brands will see you right enough. Mitutoyo are a great instrument :+1:

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Nah , I test every Chinese brand digital measuring gear because the importers are allways saying these ones are good but a set has yet to last over 6 months, my oldest Mitutoyo’s are 30 years and still perfect :+1:
We are one of the largest Mitutoyo dealers in Aus so I am a bit bias :grin:
I grant you they are not mics but they are unbelievably good these days


Yeah, Mitutoyo are great… nothing biased about that opinion at all. :+1:

I’m a Starrett or Moore & Wright kind of guy… always have been. I guess old habits die hard :joy: old toolmakers die harder though cough cough


Well they mosty are not what they used to be , both M&R and Starret are producing a lot of stuff in China now, they still make a fair bit of the original stuff but for the price and ease of use Mitutoyo eats it for lunch.

Mitutoyo digital caliper on Just tools website is around $200
however i found some much cheaper ones on ebay ($90 for 150mm?), and wish ($55 Mitutoyo 500-196-20/30 150mm/6")

my guess is they are chinese copies?

Their combination sets for example, both Starret and M&W are junk now !
Dial indicators also and their digital gear is a joke :astonished:

Yes copies, the best Mitutoyo models are the 500-753 and 500-752 Coolant and dust proof plus bigger digits and massive battery life

That isn’t the corona cough there is it? Make sure to blow into your elbow… then go wash your hands for 20 seconds laughing (1)

Then have a nice hot mug of Wuhan Bat soup… and a lay down

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Mmmmm bat soup

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My main vernier is a Measumax… what are they like? noidea

The other cheaper knock about is an unnamed Ching Chong Wuhan Special… have you tried that type… its ‘name’ on the box is ‘precision Measuring’ icon_e_ugeek noidea I think it was $14 bux on eBay… so it has to be pretty ‘top notch’ 4 sure hail first (or not) rofl

Does the trick…pop


Yeah Measumax are ok but if you buy the exact equivalent to Mitutoyo’s they are not that cheap, one of the best Chinese brands I tested was Accud but same problem, the comparative model in IP67 is only slightly cheaper than Mitutoyo

Just LOVE seeing people edge scribe with quality calipers… :joy::joy:


What ? You don’t do that ? Lol
My dad allways used to say “Young machinists these days think a micrometer is a graduated g clamp”