G18 Feeding issues

Hey guys!

Just purchased my first electric G18, got it home and got some milkies, primes the mag feed out and was surprised to find it only fired about 9 gels before it stopped all together, I unloaded the mag and all the remaining gels fell out of both mag and pistol. I took it back and got a new one but seem to be having the same issue, am I doing something wrong or is this common? Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Mine does the same. There seems to be a lot of gels that need to be fed up into it b4 its starts firing. I normally fill the mag up, prime then have 1 or two shots then tip the blaster upside down pull the mag and refill it. Then u have the 10 or so gells that are needed for firing stay in the blaster and also a full mag ready for action.


hey SniperElite…

yes, the g18 is quite specifically sized for the larger 7.3-7.4mm gels.

there are 2 problems

  • the mag impellor isn’t reliable at moving the milkies
  • the milkies get jammed up in the hopper before they rise into the t-piece.

i have just tried the slightly larger LDT milkies

meh…allot more reliable with the feed and fire but to fire on the level or an inclined angle produces the feed issue every few gels.

slightly down is rock solid which would make the g18 a close range on their knees execution tool…mmm…i run a heavier spring…gets mine evil on

i did notice an increase in range but that’s expected. the ID on the plastic barrel is a large 7.5 so the LDTs are a better fit

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I run normal orange or blue in the G18 and only issue is a crushed gel every few mags but just drop mag slip straight back in & click click click bang every time. Fucking love mine :call_me_hand:
Have u seen these. Bit pricey but God damn they look sick

Yep like everyone else suggests, use gels in the larger range and try to fill the mag a full as possible and prime till you here a sound change

Then refill the mag :rofl:

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To sniper elite,had the same problem until I worked out that to solve the gels falling out what I do is fill the magazine hold Glock upside down press the feed button for a few secs and fire.it takes a couple of shots until gels start to fire.shoot about half of the mag(guessing) then stop and hold the Glock upside down again and press the feed switch again,and when empty hold upside down again remove mag and U might have 1 or2 gels fall out.this has worked well for me.hope this helps. Kram

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mine g18 isn’t feeding but it’s firing and don’t really know what could’ve caused it… it’s brand new

if your mag feed isn’t working, take it back

the board in the g18 and from what i’ve been hearing about the 90two are complete crap and fail routinely.

approach your vendor for warranty repair

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Also, check your balls are the correct size for the barrel pop

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Hey lads,

I think I have the solution to the feeding problem. Works with standard milkies too. (Note that I have put a aluminium barrel (cut down from a bent JM Gen 9 M4 barrel) inside the stainless barrel. This means my bore is a little tighter than the original so there is no loss of FPS with the smaller milky gels. Still works really well with the larger orange and blues, but I don’t running heaps of different gels. AliExpress has a ‘Metal accurate barrel for SKD Glock’ going for $18 bucks to save you the work, but I haven’t tested that barrel. The stainless barrel with the 3D printed inbuilt hop-up is pretty rubbish for accuracy and FPS and your probably better off sticking with the original barrel if you don’t mind using the oranges or blues.

So a short explanation will help you understand the solution: As the slide is pulled back the air nozzle on the front of the cylinder is pulled back from the chamber of the barrel giving clearance for the gels to feed up from the magazine. I found by stretching the slide return spring, the one that goes over the barrel, will return the slide faster, closing off the feed tube quicker, preventing multiple feeds and your barrel clogging up. This means you get more consistent FPS per shot resulting in greater accuracy. Low Guido on YouTube has a great video on the G18 and goes over how to tear it down and reassemble (it’s pretty simple and needs only a screw driver.) Even with milkies I’m getting consistent single gel shots.

Low Guido’s Chop Shop https://youtu.be/tqY36B0liFs

I’m not exactly sure how far I stretched the spring from the original size so I’ve included a pic with the ruler as a reference (stretched to 96mm.) I did also put a spacer on the plunger spring to give it a bit more kick. The gears have held up fine over the past few months of use, but I do expect them to wear at a slightly increased rate. I’m not worried as replacing the gears and plunger/cylinder are fairly cheap.The plunger/cylinder goes for $2.49 off AliExpress and the gears for $8.00 from x-forcetactical.com

Hope this helps,

Feel free to hit me up with any questions.


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