G36 gearbox shells....Free

Two gearbox shells, one version 1 and the other version 2.
Some screws etc

Free, pick up Forest Lake 4078

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Hi. I am interested in them. When would be a good time to pick them up? I am from Darra.

After 5pm is good, message me and I’ll send you my address

Ill send you a direct message with some contact details

Hey mate, Thanh’s my cousin. I’ll get him to drop off the motor when he picks the gear up :slight_smile:

Ok, sounds like a good plan

Hey. Can’t seem to find the direct message function but is Tuesday arvo good?

Check your messages, I sent you a pm

Slight off topic, did you replace them with metal boxes?

ummm I wish, painted the shell when humidity was high. I knew I should’ve have but did it anyway. Paint went all tacky and I fooked the shell.

So I binned it but kept the parts I wanted.

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That sucks. Were you going with a metal box? If so which one? I’ve got a project going atm that needs a V3 so looking at opinions on the box to get.