Gas for Kublai P1

Well I got my hands on a Kublai P1 and brought the Duster Gas Low Guido recommended, but I have been told you should mix in Silicone Gas with it aswell. Does anyone know about this?

No but what is your impression of the P1? Is it worth the money? I’m seriously thinking about it but after Galapagos J called it a piece of shit I’ve got my doubts.

It’s only if you use green gas (aka propane), you need to use some lubricant

I brought it as I like glocks and the skd one is a piece of crap, had it die within first 2 mags, fixed and sold it off.

Mine is not chornoing like others, 160 - 180 fps, and having no issues with Gels, but I brought it cause I wanted it when I first saw the video of it.

I think I’ll get one, might even get myself the metal upper to go with it as well.

With the metal slide you can use green gas with it so would work out much cheaper to run.

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My plan is to get a metal slide and upgrade it all, but will run it like this for a few weeks

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What is the difference in using butane vs propane?

Don’t think butane has anywhere near the pressure of propane


Duster to propane is an easy 20fps

Butane would be compariitively expensive

Maybe that’s why my pistol hates butane. It just leaks and splutters. Can’t fire a single round.

Fine with duster. And I haven’t tried propane yet.

An expensive cigarette lighter :rofl:

5 Likes If you want a good propane adapter. Also has a duster adapter for the duster cans. The use the blue propane cans from bunnings.

Yeah cool. I have got one coming from ceh when they ship orders. But if I need one before then I might use the link you sent.

Should have a flame at the end of the muzzle (like a flame thrower) to provide a light show as you go pew pew shoot laughing (1)

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I’d wondered about how to do this too but I’m certain it works mess up what little range and accuracy the pistol has

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A little piezo ignitor at the muzzle perhaps??

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Now if we thought high speed tappet timing was problematic :rofl:

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