Gate Titan drop in mosfet - mag terminals

I’ve gotten my hands on a titan mosfet thingy, and most of the install appears pretty straight forward except for the mag terminals. Who here has installed one, and how’d you go about it? Low Guido almost covered it in his latest video before he ran out of time, so I’ll get my answer at some point if no one here can help me.

Thanks all

Edit: I didn’t clarify exactly what my issue was, sorry all. The titan doesn’t come with any mag wires - so they need to be soldered on. And given its price tag, I’m a tad nervous just guessing the ideal solution.

Not my diagram but may help…

Mag Negative to Motor Negative
Mag Positive to Trigger Positive

As long as you don’t cross the polarities, there is no harm in trial and error.

I just ran the wire a little longer and used the motor positive and negative, that way I didn’t have to solder directly to the mosfet. Since I’m still a beginner with the old soldering tool I didn’t want to wreak it :joy::joy:

That’s pretty much the idea I had, but I really didn’t like the idea of randomly guessing with something as pricey as a titan

It will depend on what it is being fitted to.
If you are using mag prime then you can’t use the above diagram.

No mag prime, this is a from scratch build and I’m not bothering with it. Retroarms gearbox, Kublai m4 receiver and gen 8 terminals/t piece/magazine.