GBA Contact phone?

I paid for some bushes from GBA express postage from coopers planes to Gympie last Tuesday and still a no show. Does anyone have a phone number. I have sent a email and messager msg with no reply waiting on bushes to start DSG rebuild

you’ll be right, Sendle takes their sweet time sometimes, it’ll arrive though. I’ve had the most luck, read only, when using FB Messenger for GBA, usually right on it. Good luck with both it and the DSG build :+1:

Quick google
0491 635 779

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@Tiger another one bites the dust :disappointed:
@Crazysimo don’t get hopes up on the mobile, when/if they reply, most times it seems to be via FB messenger.

My order #46400 is a few days from 7 months.

Goes straight to message bank when I call. Tried that number

Thought express post was 1-3 business days ???

2 weeks at most.

What’s the tracking say? Which freight service?

Sendle 11th may :disappointed:

May just run a DSG with bearings and say fuck the DSG BUILD

Do you know what shipping service Sendle used? They are a broker. Have you lodged an inquiry with them?

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Did you track it on Sendle ?

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They use Aramex a lot, try using the tracking number there

That’s not a very old order, I’d give it another week or two.


I had an item that took 4 days from the Eastern States to reach here in Perth, according to the tracking data, then 2 weeks to get to my PO Box here in the Southwest :open_mouth:
I never sweat it on postage within Australia, it always gets here eventually :roll_eyes: Overseas on the other hand can take months.

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Thanks all, they contacted me through messenger and said it went on the 29th so I’ll just sit at the post box until it turns up and make pew pew pew sounds out of the M4 KILLA real fast :rofl::joy:


What time did they message?

2 40 this arvo mate

Man I give up, $765 order too.