GBB pistol differences

I’m keen to get another GBB pistol as I’m enjoying the We Tech one, and there’s a bunch of other options.
Thing is the price. On Azraels with a discount code I can get an APS for $208. OTOH at X-Force I can get a Poseidon for $549. Question is, is that price difference really worth it? I hear great things about the APS, so could a Poseidon be more than twice as worthwhile? Doesn’t seem likely.
To be clear, I don’t think I’d spend that much on a pistol, but if the Poseidon was like the best thing since sliced bread, I might think about scrounging for a while to afford one.
Anyway, any advice or tips would be handy! Thanks.

Generally APS are regarded as a cut below the WE Tech and the Poseidon are a cut above. That said I have seen a few people review and say for the slight upgrades (quality function etc) of the Poseidon over a WE Tech they would likely save their dough and stick to WE.

I’ve got a couple APS and nothing wrong with them, simple to maintain, plentiful spares and magazines, lots of knowledge out there on them if you want to work on them yourself. Just a good sturdy no frills GBB. In comparison with the WE though it’s up a notch in quality and form/function.

Depends what you want your next GBB for. My APS I got so the kids when they want to play at fields all could run out with one and I view them as perfectly suitable and robust as a secondary on a field. I’d be more reluctant to scratch up and wear my WE down as my go to pistol on game days, etc.


Thanks very much! That pretty much explains it. I didn’t know APS were a notch down. So I might look at getting a different We Tech then!

Yeah I love my APSs don’t get me wrong. But my WE is better quality.

There was a good thread about the quality not too long ago, some good information there.

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It also depends on which model APS you buy, the CNC slide versions are better


Awesome thanks! That’s a great lineup.

if its not used much at a game i carry the aps have 1 spare mag and rarely gets used at a game.
XTP its great plenty of used ones as well available

i find c02 cartridges not too bad when you get used to putting them in a mag and cost isn’t that much more if any compared to buying green gas

just can spend allot of dollars on a pistol and lose heaps when you decide you do not want it any more

but i would not go past the XTP unless you like the looks of something else the Double Bells are not to bad either and great for a minimal use side arm just don’t buy a WELLS

so to sum up buy a near new barely used xtp or similar variant save 300 or so and buy your wife/girlfriend or boyfriend a diamond ring … or fukit just buy another blaster with the saving


Or buy 2 and dual wield, rig up a harness to speed up dumps/reloads, like Lara Croft style or something :joy:


hmmmmm lara croft


What I want to know is how the fuck those dropleg holsters fit???