G'day, my current kit

New to this ever growing hobby and having a blast (sorry bad pun). Started off with a Bin Feng P90 ( I broke the V1 gearbox trying to use a 1.4mm spring and replaced with a V2 gearbox, lot of cutting bits off to make it fit) now have a Jin Ming gen 8 M4 with a few cosmetic upgrades like a mag coupler, hopup, reflex sight, metal rail for said sight, laser, foregrip, battery upgrades and just recently acquired a Bin Feng MP7 which is out of the box awesome with an 11.1v. Awaiting on some green O rings and the patience to install some aluminum barrels and I’ll be content.


For comparison P90 V1 vs V2 gearbox with a 470 motor, she’s a biggun.

Would have been better off just buying a V2 P90 in the first place but ah well.

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Cheers @Axlisbak. You’re well on your way mate!

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Cheers mate, few blokes at work have some as well, hoping a course is set up here very soon.

I have a Wells and bought my son an M4. What hoop up did you buy and was it effective as I’m looking to upgrade the M4.

It was some 3D printed adjustable one from ebay, wasn’t really all that effective doing some range tests, might have gotten 2-3 metres more than the standard barrel. I’d look elsewhere to be honest.

Here is my JM Gen9, fully blacked out small parts and swapped the handguard to a fishbone rail type. Added a small grip too.

Looking forward to mod the internals, any recommendations?


I bought the Gen 8 only because I heard the Gen 9 were dogcrap for upgrades, could be wrong though. Looks sick, You’re asking the wrong guy sadly but Low Guido is the go to guru.

I’ll tinker with the soldering iron and wires a bit but LG and a lot of other blokes on this site are next level.

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Gen 8 is just easyer to work on. 9 box is a bitch to pull out and sit back in correctly apart from that there fine. More parts available for 8 but give it time. Done green o ring and spring in my 9 and yeah the hardest bit was just getting into the box hahaha mod was easy just getting to that fucking box


ACR (J10) rocked up today, love this thing.

Standard with a 7.4v it kicks the crap out of the M4A1 Gen 8


I like the Gen8 box how the motor and box are connected out of the reciever… whereas the Gen9 box is basically the same… but the motor has to be held in by the hand grip. You can screw the hand grip to the gearbox of a Gen9 and hold the motor in place that way

They are both essentially the same gearbox and use the same bits mostly… easy to mod :+1:

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Gen9 at least has the adjustable screw for the motor right? The “J10” got rid of that feature, changed nothing else and decided it was a new gen gearbox. Gonna be a pain making it all line up when modding it in the future.

I got my metal parts kit for the J10 ACR, and one of those parts was a metal base plate for the handgrip and it has an adjusting screw :slight_smile:


Noice, got a link for that?

That’s not where I got mine from but it’s roughly the same price. You might find cheaper if you shop around.

My ACR is brown but I got the black kit and it looks great.

I installed it all except I kept the port cover plastic so it’s not so much momentum when you let the charge handle fly back. (use the metal charge handle though! Because that plastic one will snap after a few hard smacks.)

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Cheers mate, will have a look around. I use the gimmicky port cover snap back bit all the time and it does seem flimsy as hell, way too strong a spring for Plastic/Nylon bits. Got a finger caught in there once and it sure as hell hurt more than the gun does.

I know, I think you could put that spring in your gear box and double the range haha.

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