Gear box assembly issues

Hey guys just having some issues with getting this trigger back in. Any ideas. Its a nylon gear box gen 8

I literally just spend the last hour doing exact that… What a bastard of a spring…

What I end up finding out is when u put the trigger spring on, jam the other end of it into the grove where it sits, it will stay in there, then place the trigger in that hole, and use the safety arm thing next to it to push the trigger spring pointy bit down, from there u can push it down just a little more and pray it stay in place long enough to close the cover

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best photo i could find for a trigger, not taking mine apart again :sweat_smile:

no sure what model u got, but my gen9 trigger spring had a really short arm coming out
not like the long arm in the photo,
if u got the short one, jam the point out big into that grove there, it will hold it in place

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Not mine just screen shotted for reference.

I’d do it this way if the other way wont work or too fiddly or springs too long and wont fit in gearbox or pushes through split in receiver halves etc

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Had the same difficulty… they’re a bit of a bitch.

The trick is to load the spring into the trigger as above, locate it in the gearbox above the pin lug with the spring tab in the corner, then , keeping pressure on the whole thing to hold that spring tab into the corner, push it downward until the pin engages in the lug.

I bent the spring tab on mine a little so that the sharp end bites into the corner of the nylon better and doesn’t pop out when you’re putting pressure on it… easier to do if you clean the grease or oil off the receiver, trigger and spring before you try… make sense? Probably not… :joy:

I think Guido or one of the retailers has ashort video on Youtube about this… Google is your friend. :+1:

Oh, and don’t go pulling that trigger with the gearbox open, hey? :joy:

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Here ya go…

Metal trigger, but same assembly process… :+1:

Cheers for all the help lads. Eventually got the little bastard in there. Bitch of a thing taking a gen 8 apart.

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Gen 8s are easy, man… easiest boxes to work on when you’re first getting into modding.

If you’re finding Gen 8s complex I’d advise leaving the screws in a Vector alone. :joy: :+1:


I just ment getting to the gear box is a bit of a chore. The gen 9 is a couple screws and a pin or 2 and you’re there lol


Yeah id rather teardown my acr (j10 all pins) than one of my m4s i dread having to open them up and not fuck any srews in the process.