Gear keeps popping out

Hi guys what would cause my gear to pop out in said picture?

has happened twice now. I don’t think it is under shimmed as there’s not much play in the gears

Gearbox flex? What size spring?

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also running this motor 16:1 gears so nothing crazy rof

If it’s got less than 0.1mm lateral movement, yep, box flex

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ah, so overshimmed, i feared so

Overshimmed shouldn’t (at least head) result in popping out.

More heat and current draw for sure

Too much lateral movement allows for the bushes to move enough to pop out

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sorry, thought this was suggesting it’s been overshimmed if theres very little lateral movement? unless i interpreted this wrong

You can definitely overshim but not creates wear and such

Under shimming and having too.much movement is a problem.

How much movement do you have?

i must admit the sector gear is pretty tight and i may very well overshimmed as i was paranoid it’d be making contact with the perun

slr receiver?

yes sirrr-

  1. Super glue.
  2. Cross tighten the screws (like bolting tyre nuts) when close the gb.
  3. Check trolley sits flush.
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check your shimming while it was in the receiver with just the gears in? slr receiver is tight and what seems fine while setting it up can be tight once in the receiver

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ah hadn’t thought of that

noob question, wat is trolley? probs having a brain dead moment

Screenshot_20200528_204357 trigger trolley

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might suggest getting it all up and running with stock trigger in before putting in a $140 perun. If your sector has moved like that can hit the sensor on upper piece.
also whats the condition of that bearing now?


lmao yeah shudda done that first, bearing still good thankfully, unscathed
any point changing to a bushing? or not unless im going higher rof

can you take some pics of your internals when you pull it down to fix it please. piston rack, tappet, gears etc thanks

Not sure if someone mentioned already but check there’s no wear on the inside of the box on the recess where the bearing sits in.

I had this happen twice to a kublai box, fixed with correct shinning, but any more wear on the inside of the box and is need a replacement

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Check AOE yet?
It happened to mine, after AOE corrected, problem solved.