Gearbox Clarification

Hey from the UK

Ok IV done a lot of research and reading up about this but can’t seem to get a properly straight answer, so I’m just going to ask,
Will A soft AEG parts(i.e the mother, gears, piston, cylinder, cylinder head and piston head) be a straight swap for the parts to my wells M4?

A lot of parts will fit, Motor, gears, piston and piston head will fit but cylinder and cylinder head/nozzle is not suitable for a Wells

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OK so motor, gears and piston will.
But cylinder, cylinder head won’t.
but is it yes or no on the piston head?

Just got your edit.
OK thanks for the info was just a bit confused.

I’m guessing that springs are also included, I’m pretty certain they are they both look the same in the photos IV looked at.

But once again, would like some clarification.

Yes springs will fit too

Another thing I need clarification on, will the A soft spring retainer if the wells gearbox?

From what I can see it will, but just would like to be sure

That’s a hard one since there are so many different ones, it might fit but only way to be sure is try one