Gearbox cleaning

Hi all,
I’m buying an MP7 off Facebook marketplace, and the guy who’s selling has said that there is some exploded gel in the gearbox.
I’m just wondering if I could clean this with a can of compressed air that would usually be used for keyboards, as I can’t think of what else to use

Open it up, pull out all the internals and clean it out?

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I doubt there would be any exploded ‘gels’ in the gearbox… more like exploded ‘gears’?

I am not sure how gels could get into the gearbox unless pushed in by hand thru the trigger hole or take out the main spring and push them in?

Sounds a bit iffy?

Edit: I looked at the ad. $120 is probably a good price as they are $165 new. He says:

“Haven’t used it in a while. Needs cleaning out of the gears as gel balls have been stuck there”.

I am guessing he means either the mag is full of dead gels, or the T piece is blocked… either way, it will need pulling apart and sorting out as Muznut says.

Can you look at it before you buy it? Or will he have to send it to you?

Check his postage price… you may find it will end up costing as much as a new one with no issues at $168 shipped… or even more? I know when I have looked to get big items like that posted, it costs an arm and a leg…

I’ve had a look in the internals and all the gears are fine and clean.
I stripped the magazine and it was full of dehydrated gels.
Now it will fire about 10 gels before not firing any, maybe a priming problem?

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dehydrated gels jaming the motor or feed rotor?? pull the mag apart and give it a once over and a bit of lube, Corrosion X is great for water proofing

So, you have bought it already?

Make sure the magazine motor is running… check the contacts and all that

I’ve had exploded gels in my box a couple times😝 in the cylinder behind the cylinder head. has been when the back compression is too strong and pulls a gel through air nozzle into cyclinder but then it’s crushed by the piston

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Oh, ok… I dont think of the cylinder as being part of the gearbox… I tend to look at blasters as the air section …being the spring retainer, spring, cylinder, nozzle, T piece/barrel

Then the gearbox as motor, gears, bearings or bushes… so I thought of gels chewed up by the gears.

Yes, I hate it when one of my balls gets sucked back in… a real pain! :scream: :woozy_face:

rooky mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: all Good bro. I would be seriously worried if someone manages to get gels into the gear assembly. lol I found the piston head is the main contributer to the back compression like those BS silent heads with the rubber head that looks like a nipple. the 6 hole CNC alloy heads work best to avoid back compression

depends on if there’s grease inside the box if so I use iso spray with a paper towel (viva or nothing) lol then with the nylon wire wheel on the Dremel give the whole thing gears and all a once over find that works best removing old silicone grease out of mine whenever I service my blasters

Yeah, too much risk of things going wrong with those pistons with the dic… er, peni…er protuberance into the nozzle…

I like the simple alloy pistons too… hard to know which are best… the 8 small round holes, the 7 bake bean holes, or the 6 oval holes… most of the alloy ones I have have the 7 oblong holes…