Gearbox talk MXP swapout

Ok so soon ill be taking ownership of an MPX, i have heard the gearbox shells arnt the greatest so what is the better alternative, mk2 cnc?

you won’t regret an mk box

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Noted ze, ill be perking this mpx up, again bling wise that is

My mpx has an mk hybrid. Can’t fault it.

Just about to turn it into a cqb monster.:crazy_face:


So basocally any mk v2 style will substitute

The mk H92 is what works best with the mpx.
Use the gen 9 tappet plate, cylinder head, nozzle and tpiece and youll be sweet.:+1:

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Ok so after playing around this afternoon with the new mk92 i have noticed afew things to d o with fitment of this gearbox.

First off is the steps for the ambi fire select levers, it only has the step for the transfer gears, not for the lever gears

Next is the gap between the inner area of the lower reciever where the front of the gearbox slides into to secure, its slightly narrow which will need to be filed evenly on both sides to keep it straight

Which is preventing me from installing correctly

Thats all the easter eggs ive found today, lets hope theres no more

Actually, please disregard that last post, i have discovered its a v2 not 92 lol

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Shes coming together nicely, still need to short stroke it but atm its pushing some solid air out the nozzle

Nice one mate whats the plan with it?

I have a mk92 mpx short stroked 13:1 setup.

Short stroked 12:1 shs, 1.38 ausgel uneven spring, high torque motor, need to get a new alloy piston head and cylinder head cos the aps ones are on their last legs.

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@ryan, how many teeth did you remove, 2 on each?

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Yep two on each mate.

What motor are you using?

Itll be a high torque when i buy a new one, atm its a stock black

@Ryan should i use the tappet delay chip aswell

Mate I haven’t yet. Feeding doesnt seem too bad but I am going to give it a go and see what happens.

It tends to be a case by case basis from what I’ve seen when it comes to using a tappet delay.
Some do, some don’t. Some shave the delay part off and use it purely to try and pull the tappet back a little further from what I’ve seen.

I cut my return spring down a fair bit, two coils from each side.

I spent tge night getting my ambi fire select working, shes as smooth as silk, it did involve drilling the case. But well worth it, i think the next goal is the bolt slide, but only issue is getting the locking block onto the case. Not sure if im gonna do that just yet

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@Ryan guide is up, pics are com8ng thisarvo