Gears and Piston question

Quick question, will there be any immediate problems if my plunger’s teeth is metal and the gears are nylon?

Thank you!

There shouldn’t be unless you have an angle of engagement problem.
Usually it is your gears that might mess up the teeth on the piston, but in your case it will be the piston stuffing up your gears.
This is a video on how to fix it

It also depends on what spring you try to use… probably 1.3mm or under the ladder should last… but if you try to use a 1.4 or bigger, teeth might get peeled off…

Order a decent plunger and in the mean time… if you hear any strange noises or clattering… stop shooting immediately…

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thanks for the reply!
ok will look into the angle of engagement.
in terms of spring, am gonna leave it stock for the timebeing since spring is the easiest part to change from the gearbox.

only worried about the nylon gears grinding the metal teeth ladder.

The metal linear gears on the piston won’t even know the nylon gears exist in terms of wear