Gears wanting to go backwards is wells

Hi all, tried fitting a m150 chi to my wells, but ever i take my finger off the trigger i gears go backwards a bit, until the anti reverse latch kick in, i tried changing the gears and anti reverse latch but it keeps doing it, anyone else had this issuse

If it fires, then when you lift your finger off the trigger and then it cycles backwards a little. That is a ARL (anti reverse latch) or ARL spring problem. The ARL is not kicking in. What happens is the piston spring is pushing the piston back to its resting position. Turning the gears backwards. I had this problem with my ACR. It would snap a ARL spring within half a mag. :roll_eyes:

Any way to fix, i trued 2 different reverse latches and 2 sets of gears

did you try a different Anti-reverse spring?

Are you sure it’s not just running on forward a bit ?
The M150 is much faster than stock so it might run on a bit after letting go of the trigger

It defdently going backwards, and the motor is a 39000rpm, i tryed two differend tatches and springs heavy duty ones and ever tryed changeing the gears from my 4 spur to 6 spur

Can you post a photo of the open gearbox. With ARL in place. Have you tried the nylon ARL latch?

Have not tryed the nylon latch as i running metal gears and bigget motor, the only reason i did this as my hk chewed out the nylor one whith the metal gears. Will poat a pi whem i get hom

How many catches does your bevel gear have? I think the SHS gear has 7, so there is a minimal distance for it to revert to.

If it is still working reliably… try some of these…

ear muffs

and don’t look at it going backwards laughing (1)

As the others said, if it is going backwards, it is the ARSE (Anti Reverser Spring Everytime)

How can you see it is going backwards, not forwards? X-ray vision?

What size is your main spring?