Gel Ball Grading Woes

HTF are people grading their gels for size??

Please tell me there’s a better way than individual measurement with vernier calipers… :joy:

Maybe a plastic bowl with 7 5mm holes drilled into the base, then shake the livin’ shite out of it for a while?


2 lengths of aluminum angle. make 1 end gap at say 8mm the other end at 7mm put some containers underneath and set on an angle and roll the gels down the channel. low guido has a vid.
Or this vid


although it is not as easy as it sounds…


Hey thanks for that, I’ll check out Guido’s method… I do agree, though. Not as easy as it sounds… :joy:

You could get a sheet of something (a wheelie bin lid is great cos it’s big and has a lip) and drill whatever sized hole to suit you about a hundred times and pour in the balls and shake /oscillate till your satisfied.

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