Gel balls curve near target

Hi guys,

Just got my first rifle. Not sure if it’s a problem or it’s suppose to happen but my gel balls curve away from the target when near it. For example I shoot at cans but sometimes they just curve at the very last second. Is there a fix for this or any compensator?

Thanks for the advice!!

Hi and welcome. Have a look on google at the magnus effect… when a sphere is shot thru the air, it does different things due to the magnus effect. We fit hop ups to gel blasters to hopefully get the gels to backspin regularly… this way they travel fairly straight, then when they slow down, the magnus effect takes over and the gels ‘hop up’ …then sink.

If your particular barrel happens to make the gels turn to one side as they slow down, then the barrel must make the gels turn one way or the other.

The magnus effect is the main reason that gel blasters have little chance of any accuracy from looking thru an optic of any description…

Plenty of info here regarding gel blaster accuracy, magnus effect and hopups…:+1:

Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve read up a bunch about it before but wasn’t sure if that was the answer.thanks for clarifying

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If the balls curve away just before the target, the other thing is they might have a forcefield :flying_saucer::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Something like this Marty? noidea laughing%20(1)



Something like that :rofl:


As I have said before… I have tried this on many occasions… however…

I just ended up with welts all over my hand (and face) …

they are nearly healed tho :grin:stars