Gel balls from gardening store

Hi! New to gel blasting here. Just wondering if gel balls bought from gardening shops (for plants) are ok for use. Will it damage my blaster?

My guess is if anything they would be too soft, so u might get a lot of breakage when shooting, also do they sell them in the right size o.o??

$10 for 10 thousand gel balls isn’t good enough for you ? Haha

No mention of the size anywhere haha. I just happen to have a lot of them lying around.

It would help to know that even gel balls that come bundled with blasters or from gel blaster suppliers do not suit all blasters.

Gel balls ain’t gel balls.


I thought the ones that came with blasters WERE the ones from gardening stores… :rofl:


If you are comfortable with a basic tear-down and clean-up of a blaster then it wouldnt hurt to try. Just be aware that you may need to clean out your barrel if they all turn to confetti.

You’re sposed to leave them gels in the box , so when its been thrown away and in landfill it can support new plant growth.
Its a chinese gel blaster makers inititaive for sustainable renewable growth .

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Buy the gel balls engineered for said toy. Cheap as they may seem initially, Gel blasters have quickly become very highly engineered, very precise equipment and require the right projectile to work to at optimum preformance.
Gels are the most important part.

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