Gel balls - life

Hi all, just joined the forum. Wondering how long everyone store their gel balls before discarding? I noticed my vector seemed to be having trouble with perhaps1 month old gel balls. I had stored them in the fridge. I have discarded now either way.


Forever really, in a bottle with water. I don’t drain mine until they go into a speed loader. 10,000 fit into one of these 5 litre jugs off eBay perfectly. The water level is where the gels are, it’s just hard to see. But they are all in water permanently until used.

Perhaps I drained mine and refilled 2 many times. Or the mag is stuffed

Even if I leave mine in the mag for a day or two they end up shrinking slightly then won’t feed properly. I flick my mag empty if I find some inside it on a new day and just refill fresh.

I found that after they were drained for use, putting them back in water much later (after being out on the field all day) their sizes tend to go a little wonky…

Some shrink permanently by up to 0.3mm no matter how long they’re left in water afterwards…
While 0.3mm sounds like barely anything, it totally stuffs around with your accuracy/reliability when firing…

Anyone got a solution for this? Or is it just part of the whole gel scene?

Edit: Just found one 0.5mm smaller…

I would never try and reuse gels I’ve removed from the growing jug. They are 5 bucks for 10,000.

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I have found that gels re hydrated tend to be weaker and explode out of the barrel in bits more often than the once grown gels. Has anyone else found this?