Gel Blaster Associations

Hi all,

Last year there were five Gel Blaster Associations established to help meet the QPS recommendations.

I’ve signed up as a member to one of these associations without knowing much about who they were.

I’m wondering what your membership experience has been like and if any there is any difference between them now that the dust has settled.

List Of Current Associations

  1. Airs0ft Gelball Paintball Association of Australia Inc (AGPAA) -co-ordinated by Roth BRENNAN

  2. Cairns Gel Blasters Club Incorporated (CGBCi) co-ordinated by Simon WHITE:

  3. Gel Blaster Association of Australia Incco-ordinated by Peter CLARK

  4. Gel Blaster Association Inc co-ordinated by Nathan KIRBY

  5. North Queensland Gel Blaster Owners and Collectors Association Inc co-ordinated by Aaron O’DELL

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.

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0 replies in 7 hours… I guess they answered your question for you :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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I think the issue is most of us aren’t associated with an association

As is the case with me…I was also curious because I probably should join one

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For $25 bucks a year it’s something we all should do given its what the QPS/regulators want to see. (You would spend more on gels in a month).

Membership numbers are made public so it’s a good sign of support for the industry. I based my membership off who had the coolest looking patch given the lack of information from all associations :rofl::rofl:


Tbh if I saw more action or updates from any of the associations then I’d probably be more inclined to join one. The fact that the OP asked about all 5 of the groups and not one representative has responded in 24 hr old topic leaves me feeling :frowning:


The assumption here is that the reps are active on this group

That there has been any recent activity

I recall that the outcome of the most recent QPS interaction was posted on multiple platforms including this one

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Yeah I reckon a monthly newsletter regardless of what is going on with QPS maybe a good start and is what members of any association expect as a minimum. I guess it takes time for these groups to find their feet.

From my observations, Gel Blaster Association Inc seems to have the most active Facebook page, most complete website and member interaction (…but they don’t have a cool members patch :joy:)


You know what would be great? If a group of guys band together and do monthly magazines like street machine and playboy, outlining some reviews on blasters, gossip of new stuff coming, pictures of mad customs, a buy and sell. That would be an awsome idea and im sure it would gain popularity


That would be awesome

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Gel blaster association inc has been working the public relations angle with media interviews (that made it through editing remaining positive) and community events like the toy soldiers last month.

I joined up mainly because it can only help having unified numbers when fighting against negative press and government agendas. And the 10% off at blaster supplies has saved me more than the yearly fee


it would require the community to pay for the rag / time etm…

dunno…i get by with the toobTubes and coffee donations

it is a nice idea though, i’m just not sure in today’s “market” there is a target audience for the product.

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Even a bimonthly rag I’d sign up for. Could feature events such as the Toy Soldiers one recently, vendors could advertise or submit tech articles etc.

A magazine would be cool, only maybe kooks born before 1990s will be keen. Have the adverts pay for most of it.

Ease up Slick :rofl:
But you are correct !


news from qps meeting today so far…Gel blaster association

Hey guys we just finished with the firearms forum. we have been instructed not to say anything in too much detail as the police minister would like to be the 1 to address the public but we can say that gel blasters will NOT be banned… the police minister should release his statement within 24-48 hours and once he has done this we will release full minutes from the meeting. if you hqave any questions please feel free to ask.

please note that the general feel of the meeting was quite positive and so far everything is business as usual…


To be honest at the moment the Australian government is making a truck load of money from the gel blaster industry when most other industries here are flat.
While that is happening they won’t be making it illegal :sunglasses:


Pitty they don’t see the green rush in the same light :fire:

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Oh don’t worry I bet they are pissed at the guy who did that a long time ago, they would love nothing more than getting their hands on that money pit but it was too late the horse bolted :rofl:


And if they were to kill gel blasters off, that’d be poor looking politically too. Lose taxes, bankrupt a not insignificant number of businesses, wouldn’t affect crime rates at all, dump more people into unemployment, heck what else can we come up with?

We made these too widespread, and normalised them enough that without a serious public outcry over a tragic event the best course of action for the government is keep up appearances and benefit from economic activity.

The association has been doing well for us, running pr and safety campaigns


I reckon make it legal in all states, imagin how much potential green there is just sitting there, yes people are still buying them m even when they live in a state where its prohibited, but all them good people who are paitently waiting for it to happen. I bet itll be as much as what the celeb lady made for the bushfire charity, in the millions…