Gel blaster bow designing

hey guys thanks for the tips on and help on the grip made it works wonders but I’m working on a bow and just wanted wanted feedback on the design and what you guys would recommend for the ball feeder I’m thinking of making design so it slides in and then falls infront of the small uild cone and then launch from a small and enclusive cahcearrow head

these both messure 900mm long but 13mm width and inner chamber 8mm and a little metal 80 thick tube on front for a hopup to go on it what you and the attchment device will be designed after.

This is a really interesting idea

I’m not sure I grasp it with enough offer any input

It’s there a larger concept sketch?

What is a gel blaster bow? What does it do? Where does it go?noidea pop

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So it attaches to the bow main limb and the arrow shaft has the air tight cylinder head and you pull the bows string back as like the gearbox pistons and release to fire


Looks like the instant legolas xD

Yes well was going to fit with some camp wrap and ghillie binding to give a stalker vibe to it.

Question, how long is the barrel gonna be?
And how much of that is gonna be the piston to blow the gel out o.o?

As with feeding? Maybe something similar to the top loading p90 might work?

90cm-1.1m so it quite long interested in the p90 feeder and arrow shaft and plunger are 75cm long so is 3/4 of the chamber to realise high pressure build

Interesting o.o
Essentially a bolt action rifle but in bow form,
25 - 45cm barrel…

Btw have you heard of the slingshot channel?
The instant legolas build and the most recent Tiger Claw build might help u get some more idea with your blaster bow o.o

something for all that TP you have :rofl: :rofl:

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i wonder… if someone will make a aeg version of this so we can go full auto XD