Gel blaster firing problems

Hi, I was given a HK 416 D a while ago however recently the gels seem to only shoot out on fully auto and never come out on semi auto and when they do come out, a lot of them aren’t as accurate as the used to be and the range seems to be far less then what it used to be and to top that off the impact strength of the gels seem to be slightly less hard when being hit by it one.

Anybody have an idea what’s going on inside this gel blaster? I’m really keen to either fix it or just upgrade the gear box if that’s the problem. Thanks

It sounds like your tappet spring :+1::thinking:

Would it be possible to repair it or even upgrade it?

If it’s your tappet spring it’s a really easy fix.
I just had to do the same on my SAW.
It took longer to dismantle the shell than to open the box and fix the spring.

You can see the busted spring.

How would be the best way of fixing this? Is there any tutorials? I’m very new to gel blasters and inexperienced but it’s a relief to hear that it’s an easy fix thank you

Not sure if this is the model you have or not but on this forum is a YouTube video…

YouTube is king here…I remember using a Low Guido video and successfully completely pulling my Gen9 down to both put in a new O-Ring and spring, but to learn how they work.

I’ve made four highly modified blasters now, considering I am a potato when it comes to technical things.

Have I screwed up and broken things? Plenty…they are cheap to buy parts (the spring you will replace is like $4). Do they all work once I’ve stopped swearing at them and take my time? Absolutely.

Simply be methodical…I lay every screw out in a way I know where they came from.
I look at the order that I pull things down.
I ask questions here (with photos) if needed.
There are many guys here with, it seems, lifetimes of experience who I still see the things they do and realize how little I actually know.


Thank you for your help I’m gonna give it a try and hopefully get it working fully again

It was the tappet spring which was very easy, it definitely took longer to get the whole thing back together though :joy: but it finally works so much better.

Thank you very much for your help


At one stage the tappet springs were so weak, a replacement cam in the box with new blasters. The problem is/was that the coils that hook onto the tappet plate and its anchor would unravel… a good quality spring, the coils for attachment are less likely to unwind…

The other issue if the spring is strong enough to resist letting go, is the hook or anchor can get cut thru by the spring pop

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It is a limitation in the basic design.
There are other ways but this feeding mechanism was one of the simpler ones. They also probably never expected gelblasters to be this popular or the enthusiasts so clever and capable. :slightly_smiling_face:


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