Gel Blaster For Kids?

Im thinking of getting my 9yo a blaster he loves shooting targets with me under my supervision. But of-course he wants his own blaster now. I dont want anything too powerful any suggestions?

go for reliability and to a lesser extent looks.

the wells and kriss vector are awesomely reliable.

the vector is quite heavy.

the JJ SLR is also quite reliable

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah basically I just want to get him something that looks cool the less power the better :slight_smile:

I saw somewhere that there were “kid sized” blasters anyone have any experience with those?

My daughter loves her P90. You could also source a UMP?


less power may leave them uncompetitive on the field which REALLY takes the enjoyment out of it and REALLY fills your day with simple suck…

agreed, maybe nothing 300+ fps but little tikes running about with 280fps compete with the rest of us very well on the field.

probably because they are harder to hit.

i second p90 and ump also although both out of the box require a little love


im sure I saw a video recently of the kids size scar from jm. maybe I dreamt it

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Looking in a certain price range?

The sub $100 ‘kids’ blasters are quite underpowered. I would highly recommend the LDT HK416 looks amazing, the one I received is a great reliable blaster firing at about 200fps with a DKJ10 hopup, it just lobs shots perfectly at 20m.

Just make sure it is not too accurate… so they cant hit you laughing%20(1)

The P90 might be good… they are more spray and pray than accurate… you should be able to stop the gels like Neo… or dodge them like Agent Smith pretty well…:+1: pop


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I tried stopping a bunch of gels like Neo did… Bigballs

I just ended up with alot of welts all over my face and hand… badluck

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you like your testicle squirrel don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know why squirrels cross rivers floating on their backs?

So they don’t get their nuts wet…:grin:

They really sounds like there is a drinking session there

Perhaps without and squirrel abuse but who can tell


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HK416 is probably way too heavy for a 9 year old. I would suggest an MP7 personally, lightweight, competitive but not overpowered, cheap.

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The g36c -v2 is very accurate and looks great, my son is 7 and loves his.


M4a1 with nylon gearbox gen 8
$120 eBay light for kids

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Toy Gel Ball Blasters are similar to that of a plastic nerf, however instead of shooting a foam dart like a nerfgun, or a hard plastic pellet, they fire small harmless water balls These squishy gel balls hold their form whilst being fired and then explode on impact.

Thanks for the explanation but they are not harmless. Cop one in the eye and you will know about it

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Get one in your ear and you will know about it as well. A direct hit in the ear hole could do alot of danage… nose too… that is why masks that cover the mouth and nose are generally worn in play and head shots (on purpose) are frowned on.

A stock blaster is less likely to damage anyone… however, none of us tend to leave them stock…

What about the mp7 V4, my 11 year old wants that one!

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They will all work, depending on the build of the kid. Some 11 year olds are quite frail and meek… other 11 year olds could probably dump you on your head eye%20boggling :rofl:

You just have to be vigilant if you get a blaster for an under 14 year old… as any issues become your problem (legally)ShowLetter3