Gel blaster legality in Victoria

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I thought I’d share some good news from Victoria:



I just seen this on my news feed and I now have hope
if gel blasters get legalized in vic then this will open doors for other states to do the same.


Does this now set a precedent in which the law has to change to reflect the ruling? I don’t have a clue how any of this works. Seems like a big step in the right direction though.

Yes it means that the precedent was set.
I believe this was the case in QLD when the court ruling paved the way to eventually legalising gel blasters.

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This is GREAT news then, shit hot!

Finally some common sense prevails!

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Keep in mind that gelblasters have NEVER been illegal in Victoria. Only things that can be mistaken by a reasonable person for a firearm.

So be careful of this decision. It does not set a precedent.

If the judge decision was based on “those particular gelblasters could not be mistaken by a reasonable person for a firearm” nothing has changed.

It’s a very subjective law. I would keep your gelblasters looking like non firearms as much as possible. If you pimp them out to look real, then they are very much illegal.

If you pimp them out to look like sci-fi,
Nerf blasters etc, bright colours etc, then you should be ok.

But no matter what they look like, do NOT take them out in public etc, and always discuss things with the neighbours before playing in the back yard.

REMEMBER: Even if you and your neighbours are cool, all it takes is a neighbours kid to tell one of their school friends that you’ve got “gůns”, that friend tells their parents, their parents tell the police, and shit goes down hill really fast and you get a visit from the Special Operations Group.

The other thing is that it would be very easy for the police to say “screw this bullshit” and get the law amended to specify say gelblasters are illegal - like in NSW and then we are all screwed.

Victoria is walking a very fine line at the moment, and all it takes is one idiot to wave one around in public and it’s game over.

Update: Not that it means much but sign this if you haven’t already…


You can bet the popo are going to waste millions of tax dollars challenging this

Because this is not doing what they say… And THEY demand absolute subservience and will have none of your insolent notions


Iv always been curious. How did they become legal in QLD and SA. What was the process and how long did it take?

This petition seems to be addressed to ScoMo? I thought States and territories had their own firearms legislation…

Hard to argue with your reply and I agree. That said, I have never before seen a news flash in Victoria addressing gel blaster directly. And I have looked everywhere. VicPol mentions things that look like firearms, however not a word about gel blasters, whereas other states explicitly name them.
So this decision could set a precedent, I guess it is too early to say and we need more details of this ruling. This does not and will not change the fact that one should never wave gel blaster around in public, because like you said, things can go downhill very quickly.

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Another thing is in vic, all “imitation firearm” including non functional props require a collectors license to own/collect.

Now one court have ruled “realistic” blasters as toy, I am interested to see if and how it will effect that law in the future.


I couldn’t resit an sub’d to Herald Sun just for that story.
Here are some details:


(sorry for the word soup, never was good at summarising my paragraphs)

Just reading the article, the judge says “They (gel blasters) do not impact upon public safety and peace any more than any imitation firearm or toy dart ■■■ could. The projectile is non-lethal and generally unlikely to cause injury, even when fired at a person from close range”

We’re in a grey area of somewhere between nerf ■■■■ and imitation firearms. Getting caught with one in public would still end horribly.

I think we’re a LONG way off from it being a sport down here.

Maybe someone needs to start 3D printing some brightly coloured outer shells for blasters, that we can slip on and off depending on the situation. Like how the gearbox fits into the receiver, have a shell that the whole receiver fits into. No idea how practical this would be lmao, just spitballing.


Just keep in mind that the Victorian laws in respect to firearms do not require it to launch any sort of a projectile.

This decision changes nothing. Gel balls have never been seen as a firearm projectile, and the judge has reinforced that. (which is good)

However if it has the appearance of a firearm, it’s still a firearm, just as a piece of wood carved out to look like a glock and painted black can not fire a projectile, however it is still classed as a firearm under Victorian law.

Notice the judge did mention immatation firearm which is illegal without a firearms licence. For a gelblaster to be considered a toy firearm, it needs to not have an appearance that can be mistaken by a reasonable person as a working firearm.


Like I’ve always said, just put the gearbox in a nerf blaster and it’s fine.


I’ve painted parts such as stocks, mags, muzzles and grips orange so that they can be removed if need be or added to make it brighter. Currently planning on buying a new blaster and painting it in a complete nerf theme for use in wars as well. Or a as marty said you could create a custom blaster which would be cool.


We’re lucky to have you. Without you, a lot of us noobs would be headless chooks not knowing what’s okay and what’s not. My Nerf modding addiction from when I was 14 may just finally come in handy. Got boxes full of old blaster shells, might have to whip out the ol’ Longstrike and chuck my AWM guts in it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yeah! I might have to head down to Bunnings on the weekend and pick out some disgustingly bright colours haha. Could even buy a cheap spare handguard + stock + mag and go crazy on them with crazy colours so I can swap them back to black when I feel like doing milsim photo-shoots on my mates property.

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Exactly how I feel. Having a bright blaster definetly relieves some anxiety and it’s great fun to get painting and masking. I want to start getting more creative with some scifi paint jobs like I did with my ma5 a while back.


That. Looks. AWESOME! You totally nailed the Halo assault rifle look. Making me even more excited for Halo: Infinite :joy: