Gel blaster legality in Victoria

@Arty_Marty @Reginald_Smirk

“In 2020 police also seized a number of gel ball blasters, which depending on type and following inspection may be classified as either an imitation firearm or a firearm.”

Nothing has changed here - if they don’t look like a firearm, they are legal

“There is currently no lawful genuine reason for use in Victoria for gel ball blasters…”

This part is concerning though.
That wording is used to stop softair blasters, because they are classed as firearms, and all the reasons for owning a firearm do not apply to softair firearms.
For example: I want a firearm to control vermin on my farm. well that doesn’t apply for a softair blaster because you can’t control vermin with it etc…

This wording is a lazy way (and not legal) of trying to stick gelboasters under the same category as softair. It should not be used for gelblasters because they are not illegal, so there is millions of lawful reasons to use them . All the reasons to use a nerf blaster are lawful reasons to use a gelblaster.

For example, I could go to QLD and use my sci-fi gelblaster at a QLD field. Doesn’t matter if there are no gelblaster fields in Vic. That does not make a sci-fi gelblaster illegal in Vic.

That’s like saying “there is currently no lawful genuine reason for owning snow skis in QLD”
The fact that there are no snow fields in QLD does not make owning skis in QLD illegal

as for the “…and they have previously been used to cause significant public alarm and commit serious criminal offences.” argument…
So have cricket bats. What’s your point? Not a reason to ban them. Charge the person using the blaster or cricket bat with the serious offence. problem solved.


Yeah they should consult with community before making big decisions on them.