Gel Blaster News in the Mainstream

Thought we should have a thread just for mainstream media mentions, links, videos, pods, radio, etc to track what is being said about our hobby out there. Seven days ago, it seems to be consistent with some other States, the Victorian Police did a bit of a media circular reminding people that gel blasters are illegal in their State. This all ties in with the National Firearms Amnesty, similar things are popping up around the place.

Put any stories, links, etc you find up. :+1: :+1:


Also 7 days ago out of SA, well this guy is a straight up goose. Outstanding warrant, drugs and … gel blaster in the boot.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I grew up in Seymour :rofl::joy::sleepy:
Had a growing speed/meth addict population when I left.

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Good, that’s the sort that are ruining the sport/hobby. Now the offender gonna get some real charges instead of walking out of court :+1:


Post any stories you find up, good, bad or indifferent. It would be good to get a bit of a mainstream blog of what’s happening out there. You can judge the mood of a place by what’s in the mainstream. Police Media Units love it and that’s how they push their message to the masses. In Queensland it’s all be positive since the new regs came in. Dan at Ausgel did some good pods on the state of play recently which were very encouraging. I think the stats were 10 gel blaster call outs in Queensland in 6 months. Minuscule in the scheme of things. The overarching sentiment is the industry and community are wanted and being encouraged.


lol, gel blaster news first, Molotov cocktails second in this article. Pfft, no biggie.

All about priorities I guess.

Couldn’t help myself

“A further search of the vehicle allegedly uncovered an insecure gel blaster in the boot.”

Wonder if it a Wells blaster and was simply just hiding in shame?

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Great idea Tiger!

For the rest of you, I’m going to politely ask that you refrain from posting pictures of disabled/special needs people in a mocking tone. It’s not appropriate and I, as one person, kind of f*cking NEED this forum to remain one of the last, good, places on the internet.


I like MPs trigger discipline…unfortunately lacking from the store owner!

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Timely reminder for those holding on to these things in States where they are banned. They do execute search warrants when they sniff them out.

happy cake day bro!

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thanks brother :+1:

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I’d bet they had a reason to to go after him, sawn off .22 and all.

Your comment made my G36C cry :joy:

Honestly, and I say this hypothetically and at the risk of Angering The Gods, but I’d like to see 'em fkn TRY.

I know there’s a certain amount of apathy toward the fundraisers, possibly for lack of direction or motivation, but can you imagine if we had a Poster Boy for The Cause as somebody actually getting charged and taken to court? Bet that’d bring some fight out, heh heh.

Or not. Possibly could do SFA, but a guy can dream.

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They have tried and succeeded. Very simple. Take it as a warning, what you do is your own problem. Does not surprise me that persons have had the boys in blue knock on the door in banned states. After blabbering over a public forum :man_shrugging: Maybe someone you were forum friends with got done… who knows, does and has happened :man_shrugging: Your problem not mine. So stop inciting shite.


I’ll say this much, I know they execute warrants because I spoke to a person in that position only a couple weeks ago. I’m not splashing their name out there because that’s not my place, they can do so if they want to tell their story. So for all you people holding on to these things in States where they are banned, I’m not talking hypotheticals, it’s happening.

Maybe some folk need to tone down their statements in public and flashing photos of their latest purchases online. Because it ain’t hard to get a warrant, and while they are at it they will seize and copy your electronic devices and start going up and down the tree of who you are in contact with and who you are dealing with.

By all means, ignore what I am saying if you like.