Gel blaster shops

Hi has anyone bought or dealt with jungle tactical in cairns or op force delta gel blasters up near mission beach before are they good suppliers/reputable dealers? Thanks, noob looking to get into the sport.

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Welcome @Maarken, hope you brought your wallet :grin:


I bought 2 batteries from Jungle tactical. Reasonable price, posted within a couple of days. I also had a question for them which was answered promptly.
Op force delta - bought 2 mags for a 90two from them. Good price, but came from China and took 15 days. However, I see they have new stock in now, and @Luke has recommended them.

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Thanks, yeah no stranger to spending money, skydiving takes most of mine that’s why I need a cheaper sport, well we shall see haha.

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Came from China? Weird, I mean he is connected to a Chinese franchise I think (don’t take my word on that)

But everything I’ve bought from his online shop is replicated exactly what he has in stock at his local store as I live 40 minutes down the road, but none the less op force has the cheapest prices, just don’t shop at oz blasters as they’re prices are ludicrously high so beginners and parents get robbed basically.

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Also on that note don’t shop somewhere where people that work there don’t use or play with gel blasters as they will most likely tell you “you can only upgrade the battery and the spring” - I’ve heard this multiple times from stores in cairns (the standard stores that just sell blasters, gel balls, springs and batteries), when that’s wrong, you can pretty much upgrade every part of a gel blaster to the point where you’ve built an entire new one and then spent close to if not more than a $1000

Lord of war store in cairns is top notch though I definitely recommend those guys if your ever in cairns as I don’t think their online website is up yet, fair pricing, very knowledgeable and will even ask if you want your parts installed for a small fee, I wouldn’t normally let a store fix or install parts with my blaster but if I had to I would trust these guys 100%

It sure did, package had a Chinese address on it. But, as I said, they seem to have new stock in now.

Very good advice for anyone starting out.

Okay, I was wrong. I admit it.
Going through some old emails this morning, and found that I actually bought the two 90two mags that I mentioned above from “gel blaster ■■■” and NOT op force delta.
If anyone on here is connected to op force delta, all I can say is I’m sorry, and next time I’ll try to put brain in gear before engaging keyboard :disappointed:

Well to the forum brother. The day VIC gets the green light will be the day ill be running down to the bank to get a loan to openshop👌