"Gel Blasters are banned in Western Australia"

a case of “too bad, so sad…”

They were given very little time to sell, give away or dispose of them.
Which was a very unfair situation…some people had big collections, worth thousands…


Whenever has a govt mafia been fair when they get their stassi stroppy on?

Bullies are not fair


“Fair” is a ambiguous buzz word that gets kicked around as a distraction.

Nowhere in our life contracts are we promised “fair” and I feel it is a unrealistic expectation to hold anyone to a term that has such an ambiguous and unmeasurable meaning.

I also feel it is a unstable foundation to base any robust debate around. It may have meant something in the past. It means SFA now.

You dont have to tell me.

There is that which is fair, and that which is legal.

Two very , very different things…


Still waiting on some legal-beagle to clearly define and explain the legalese around “fair”.

Challenge to all: clearly define and articulate “fair” and it’s practical, objective non-theatrical application.

It was a total and complete ban on EVERYTHING associated with Gel Blasters…parts, accessories and everything :confused:
To top it off, we were all only given a few weeks to get rid of everything in our possession… no amnesty time or anything.
It was a massive rush of fire sales for most people, or like myself and many others too remote and isolated to sell, simply destroyed and filled up our garbage bins to get carted away :cry:

They don’t care about the thousands of dollars and time spent on the hobby/sport…just destroy it all or risk getting fined and locked up :rage:


Looks like a scene from your local WAPOL Cop Shop. Just needs the tag line, local man arrested with illegal gvn arsenal.


Hopefully the Government Spies watching these forums can read time stamps on my pictures :open_mouth:

I got nothing left to take pics of anymore, can only post up old pics from back when things were legal :confused:


I hope they all die slowly in a Mysterious unrelated trashcan filled with acid, which is not a threat, merely a suggestion

it absolutely fuckin sucks, I hope you get that shitty law reversed and the cunts responsible have to pay for everything out of their own pockets


I remember this twit

people who talk like this should be kicked in the shins

fair is a meaningful chance, the time resources and ability to do something in a reasonable manner, 5 days to get rid of your shit before it is arbitrarily made illegal is not a fair request, suck my dick die in a hole I know hes already banned this is to any lurkers that share his sentiment

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Could have easily taken Norfolk with that lot.

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Already did mate!
But there was nobody and nothing there worth defending :roll_eyes::joy:


FOI obtained by National Shooters Council clearly shows the WA ban was pushed by lazy police who lied to the Minister as they had no supporting evidence to back up their claims. We already knew that but here is the proof.


fuckin stupid idiots =×=

I hope this means they have to fix it for you

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Just need someone to do something with this now. Wasn’t there a challenge being launched in WA??

There is a motion coming up to be debated in WA Parliament seeking to overturn the regulatory changes. It will be mentioned somewhere in this thread, I previously posted the exact date.


So…the motion was quickly shot down, as was a lone member who had no support or backing from the other Ministers :confused:

There’s still more appeals booked to be heard at a later date, they are still needing to raise more funds for the Legal costs .

so the fact that the ministers bunch used false information to unreasonably criminalise law abiding citizens made no difference…huh…fancy that…


Yeah funny that even the WA Opposition and media didn’t want to jump on some of the recently debunked claims that even the Police Minister didn’t want to touch/explain in the FOI response. Is the WA Opposition completely toothless.

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How did the minister present the motion to parliament? Did he include the info of lies during his limited time?