Gel Blasters in VIC or NSW loophole?

So i was thinking about it and the main reason gel blasters a not allowed in VIC and NSW is because of “realism” so they are way to realistic looking so they are banned. Obviously i am dissapointed we cant have them in these states so its time to get inventive.

So what i was thinking is to get around this fact is to use my 3d printer to make a less non-realistic looking gel blaster maybe more nerf looking style or even movie si-fi inspired.

So the basic idea would be to 3d print a shell of a new and unique design then fit gel blaster (or are they ■■■■■■■) parts into it.

This is a example 3d printed ■■■■■■■ blaster

The parts look very similar to what a gel blaster uses and i absolutely love the bullpup design. Would it even be possible to turn a ■■■■■■■ blaster into a gel blaster? What is the difference between the parts a ■■■■■■■ and a gel blaster is it mostly the hopup and barrel determining the ■■■■■■■■■■ type?

If you can print it, good on you.
If you can get or print a gearbox, good on you.
If you get it all together, good on you.
If you get caught with it, your fuct!


Isn’t this their whole legal argument is the fact it looks real? So if it doesn’t look real then they have no legitimate cause to do anything about it?

I would approach and ask to make sure with local authorities before commencing such a project just to be totally clear and transparent as possible.

I’m in nsw and have two already, will be getting more. I just plan to keep em outa sight. If I do ever get in trouble I will plead insanity, insane will love for my gel blasters.

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@intensify you would have much better luck frankenstein-ing something that uses a nerf shell and fitting parts in that way.

Otherwise, under VIC law the absolute best bet (also comes with the side benefit of fully legal battles + much easier imports) is to set up a historical reenactment club.

If this can be registered under the ALHF you’re golden, otherwise there’s another process for clubs outside the ALHF for them to be gazette’d and placed under a governor in council exemption order.

Members under such a club could import, possess and use any kind of gel ball blaster they want (as long as spring powered - same as NERF) and used for club activities e.g. reenactments of historical battles.

Of course, if you’re a prohibited person you’re SOL. And honestly I’d rather have these toys in the hands of people who haven’t been convicted for domestic violence/firearm offences etc…

It is quite a bit of work though.