Gel field clothing /accessories

I was just wondering what people are using/wearing on a gel ball field to hold extra mags and balls.
I imagine keeping them in your pockets is not a good idea.
I guess disposal stores would have mag holders and pouches of some sort or am I going overboard here ?
Once this covid is over and things open again I’m definitely going for some fun .
Does anyone have recommendations for a field. I’m in between Brissy and Ipswich at Collingwood park


You can wear almost whatever you want as long as you wear enclosed shoes and safety glasses

A lot of people use tactical vests/chest rigs you can buy from almost any gel blaster or online, some people even have some sort of belts, and it’s basically whatever you wanna hold on the field, some fields allow gel ball grenades, some allow smoke grenades,

and I’ll just mention safety glasses again because it is the most important thing.

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I get all my gear from Army and Outdoors which is a New Zealand store. I use British DPM fatigues and have a small vest with 4 magazine pouches on it. If i don’t want to do that i just carry them in my pocket tbh.

I live i Redbank Plains mate, we go to hardcore blasters at north ipswich. I wear a vest with mag holders, some guys have mag couplers much faster. You cam buy all kinds of gear from m4a1 in booval only takes me 12min to get there.

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That’s what I use but I have reconfigured to be pretty minimalistic… and have attached the Camelbak direct to the back.


Ok thanks guys , I’ll try m4a1 and centenary disposals . Prefer to go instore than online

I like that one , I just thought I was going overboard. Obviously not.
Looks like I’m going shopping :grin:

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Shirts, shirt, shoes and a cross body man bag to hold the speed loader.

All my mags are coupled.

I refill them during the walk of shame to respawn


People get full kitted out head to toe. Check out some hardcore blaster videos on YouTube.


I have black multicam upper and lower, knee pads inserted, Original SWAT military spec boots, a FAST helmet, Daisy glasses, the Yakeda carrier, a belt with extra pouches, Camelbak, and a drop holster.


How much/where did you get the daisy’s from? Been looking into them for awhile but don’t know if I should trust eBay

Hardcore Blasters are one of best fields, check them out for sure

I got mine from CEH.
My mate from X-Force.
Same price at both.

I bought this uniform

I this basic molle harness so that i can stay cool during hot weather

I use something like this to holster my p90. Its modified as the p90 was to tight a fit

I have a small utility pouch for batteries and other things i need to carry and a pouch for my speed loader. Since my set up uses a quick loading drum mag i do not need to have mag holders or dump pouches and just top up my mag during the game. I had a pair of daisy eye protection and a basic hat to provide some protection from the sun but may upgrade to a helmet coz obviously it looks way cooler.

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Terryb117 I actually got the same top this morning from centenary disposals, on way to m4al to have a look now

I saw some people with shirts but if you plan to go hard in a game you need to have long sleeved shirts that are tough or your gonna get cut from all the terrain and branches you will encounter. You want to be focused on target acquisition rather then making sure ur not going to get scratched by the terrain you are in. It is hot though although i wore mine through hot weather and it was ok but it depends if your willing to handle it. For cooler months its definitely better. You may also want to grab some gloves i use ones with the finger tips cut off so i can easily manipulate things and to also keep my fingers cooler

My first day out I didn’t wear gloves or anything as it was a hot day…i ended up cut up and there was blood all over my mags and M4…not too proud to admit I thought it looked good so I left it…battleworn haha.

After that I have my full kit, which is definitely hot, but the last day game I ended up on my stomach crawling through the creek and trees and shit to flank a whole team…dreads me to think of what I would have looked like if I wasn’t covered…

Ended up with the mollee vest from m4a1 with double mag holder and pouch for the speedloader , top is from centenary disposals.
Also thought I needed some extra mags to fill the pouches lol .

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Nice set up. word of warning, i bought a tonne of pouches and backpacks etc thinking i want to make sure i have every situation covered. After playing a few games, i have decided to simplify my set up so alot of the pouches i had initially used have been removed. I have also removed my spare p90 mags. I know a p90 with one mag isnt ideal but it is my backup so if i do need to use it i would have to fill that one mag. With simplified set up it is significantly lighter and mean that i wont get fatigued as easy and i can run that little bit faster.

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