Gel Grouping from 10-15m distance

Hello guys,

I am very new to gel blaster, with little bit experience with the other type…I am still researching here and there and know there are lots to learn
I got Noveske SBR 7.94’ and upgraded m4a1 gen8, I noticed grouping from around 15m seems horrible (maybe it seems so as I am comparing to the other type), both blasters makes around 50cm-60cm grouping from 15m.
It was outside on a little bit windy day
From 10-12m, I can hit the redbull can around 3 times out of 5 shoots…,
Noveske has no hop-up / m4a1 has hopup

I am wondering if it is in the range of normal or something I need to look at…?

Thank you

as someone that was chasing the same thing for a while,
i personally believe that, gel blaster has no accuracy.
Just to clarify, when I say accuracy, I am refering/comparing to properly zeroed gats.

Reason being gels deform under air force/pressure making it unpredictable,
while u can use harder gels, control fps and hopup to increase “consistency”,
but I think to achieve like say a 3x3cm spray (of every single shots),
at any range over 15m is almost impossible, even with the blaster secured on a solid platform.

I have used modded bb gats in the pass where it can hit coin at distance every single shot (minus human error and wind ofcoz), but so far has not seen gel blaster being able to do the same

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With experience and a well set up blaster you can easily achive less that a 150mm group at 15m :+1:

Just because some can’t do it it does not mean it can’t be done, so if you tell yourself it can’t you will never achieve it :v:


Rattler is correct,
important thing is what kind of “accuracy” or grouping size you find acceptable at certain range / distance,
at the end of the day, they are just toys, there will be limitations, then just work towards that.

Thank you guys - much appreciate it
lots to learn so surely very interesting field - I will do my homework

I got the VE bang on optimal and dropped the FPS on one of mine to almost spitball speed (sub 200) for shitz’n’gigs… nothing else to do during lockdown. :joy:
If it hit you you might not always register, but I guarantee at 15 metres I’d hit your visor everytime…

Accuracy’s the holy grail, but as Rattler points out it can be easily acheived with a bit of fettling and thinking outside the box. :+1:

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