Gel Marker instead of Gel Blaster?

I watched the ■■■■■■■ legislation video of old mate trying to make them legal in WA.

He calls them A$ markers, i’d prefer gel blasters to be called gel markers.

Just sounds better, anyone else in the same boat?

if we were spitting paint pellets sure…i can see that.

i don’t really have a position either way,. the term blaster isn’t really fitting but then again, neither is marker.

the issue i see with the term marker is that it might promote the notion that this is that and that is regulated out the yang leaving us in a bind when monkeys bang out bogus legislation without actually having half a clue what they are actually legislating for…you know…the norm…


Yeah mate good points :+1:t4:
I know they’re just toys but there almost adult toys the word blaster really does sound childish.

Like for example all packaging says 14+, I don’t know of any 14 year olds that play with actual toys eg. toy cars etc

It’s more of a hobby like RC car racing or dirt bike riding.
The word blaster makes me cringe…

Anyway what ever keeps the sport alive I’m fine with :grinning: