Hey guys. Anybody here purchase equipment from How long are yous normally waiting until your parts show up as sent. Its almost been a week, seems abit long tbh…

Hey Sam none of their stuff is local. What I have ordered came through, but it was like 10 days min.

No problems with customs? Also i did realise that the parts i did order are coming from lightake. Anyways my parcel is now sittin in brisbane airport. @BigWeetBix how long did the tracking detail take to update that its left customs into auspost hands?

@BigWeetBix this is my tracking detain as of today

Yer that’s a bit whack. Those last couple of events are cause for concern.

Will see how long it takes. Was your tracking details different to mine?

you can never put an exact timeframe when it comes to Aus customs. their not paid to make shipping items from overseas any faster lol. but when I’ve bought from things from overseas it’s taken ages some even 2-3months. but from reading your packing tracking its all good it got through customs.

My mate bought some stuff off them and Wells 401 from qld at the same time. 1 week later both packages rocked up.
Me and my mate just put another order in yesterday morning (going all out on gen 8 box for the M249 I got.coming 350 fps hopefully.) i will let u know when that rocks up. Shopping was $40 so should be pretty quick