Gels for 7.3id barrel

Hello, just a quick one I might ask you guys.
I have a 26cm 7.3id inner barrel.
What’s some good gels for it?

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The AKA gels are very good

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Awsome! I was really wanting to get some of these.
Thanks for you help!

+1 for aka, no growth regime needed (for me anyway) and have virtually no broken gels when I shoot.
previously was warinterest milkies (very cheap if you buy overseas), but you do need to pull em out earlier as their full size is bit too big

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Thanks for that. I’ll go with aka as I can get them for $10 a pack locally and i would never be able to have a timer set to take gel balls out of water :smile:

With a 7.3 honestly just about anything is good. I use a 7.3 in all my blasters (actually took out a 7.2 bruisemaster for the 7.3) and used ultras, akas, armortech. Milkies and even the dodgy gels you get with the blaster actually work pretty well. To get the best you can out of it though I’d go for ultras or aka.

Alright I’ll go with aka. Thanks for you help.

The new x-force black Label gels grew for me in distilled water 7.25-7.3 mm. Just had to agitate the water very few mins (gave the bottle a shake) for the first 30 mins or so. Noticed they kinda stuck to the bottom and each other otherwise. After that they were ok.

Actually made a swirl tank to test gel grow rates and sizes in a constantly agitated state.

X-force glow gels in tap constantly agitated grew to 7.5-7.55mm which is kinda what I’m aiming for (by the time we reach a field, dries glow gels would shrink to 7.4mm ish)