Gels not firing

Hey all.

I’ve recently purchased a ump and a Beretta 92.

I’m using the gels that came with the beretta but neither blaster is firing rounds. I hydrated them for 12hrs. The mags are definitely loading but nothing is coming out of the barrel. HELP PLEASE!!!

You will need to buy a bag of decent gels. On the outset.

I test mags with a 9v battery.


As Z mentioned mate, grab yourself some decent gels and see how they go.

A good place to start would be some armour tech Milkies. Hydrate for 3.5-4hrs should be plenty.

As advised, avoid using bundled gels.
They are likely to grow large and inconsistently esp. beyond 3-4hrs.
Not sure about the ump but gels over 7.3mm will probably not work well with the Beretta both in feeding or in the tight stock barrel.

The blue gels should still fire tho hes getting nothing.

@Oliver_Forbes Got vernia calipers? To measure your gels?

And did you try them upsidedown?

I’m hoping this is unnecessary, but just to cover the basics:
Did you fill the magazine completely?
Have you primed it?
Have you cleared the pistol and magazine, and tried again?

Update. I pulled the ump apart and put back together. It’s working now. The beretta is very sporadic I think the poor quality gels are the cause. I’m waiting for better quality gels. Thanks guys. Definitely push my mind at ease

maaate, I even made this for you!

Glad to hear it’s functioning a little, I hope the better gels help.

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That’s awesome. Thanks so much. Watched it. Great information.

Thats cool , Im sure this will help anyone searching skd berreta or glock not firing .

Sounds like a box of tictacs when you shake the mag had to pay attention to make sure they were gels😆

yeah, totally should have held the magazine door shut, the door rattle is loud as hell

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