Gels shooting without any force

So my acr which i have installex gee upgrades is shooting but without barely any force every 1 in 10 or so come out hard but still nowhere near gard enuff to compare tp even out of box gel blaster power

Have you noticed more than one gel ball come out when it’s firing sloppy?

I had that once, some shots were ok-ish and the rest spat 2 or 3 out less than 2 meters away…

Ended up modifying the tappet plate’s tail, where it interacts with the sector gear, so it didn’t open too far and allow multiple gels to squish into the “chamber” (me thinks my instance was caused by the 11.1v battery spinning the mag motor faster than necessary and squishing the gels in too quickly)

If you’re not getting sloppy scatter shots at all, we’ll have to wait for one of the veterans to point out all the other possibilities :wink:

How did u modify tappet plate

I cut out part of the tail where it makes contact with the sector gear pin so it didn’t get pulled back as far when the sector gear spins around:


Be really careful though, cause you might cut/scrape it too much then you’re screwed (i.e. It won’t go back far enough and no gels will make it through)

I played it safe by opening up the gearbox, removing the tappet plate’s spring and manually cycling the gears to let the tappet plate naturally rest at its furthest point back.
Then I held the t-piece in place and hand-fed some gells to see how much space they had between the nozzle and the chamber (applying a little pressure from the gels being fed through the t-piece was squishing more than one in for me)

Can’t hurt to check (and there’s probably a better way to check) but this sorted my feeding issues out…
Again, be safe… If you do need to modify the tappet plate, do a little at a time (remember, too much and you’ve stuffed it)

Edit: P.S - If you did remove too much, you can get a sector chip (not sure of the proper name) which is a piece of plastic that increases the size of your sector pin area so it pushes the tappet plate back further again…


Since I had to pull it apart just now, here’s some shots of what I mean (hard to get it to sit right without holding it though)

Example of what it used to be (notice 2 balls are going to be chambered)

Example of what I’ve got now (only 1 can fit at a time - the one that’s half in the way will get pushed up again)

That tiny 2mm cutaway from the top-right to middle-right of the fin/tail is all I needed :+1: (probably could have done a cleaner job of it though)

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Nice work bro, you are one of those seasoned experts.

Na, just lucky :stuck_out_tongue: