Gels... which ones and why?

Hey folks, new to the hobby, just bought my first blaster. I see so many recommendations on so many different gels, and im just curious to see if anyone can give me some more insight in to why some people prefer certain gels to others.

Im of the understanding that most milkys are best because you can see where the gel is going, and that the more transparent gels are harder to see. Is this reputable info or is it just.

What are some preferred gels and why?

Just try different ones, some gels are better in different blasters.
My m4 works best with the harder type and my MRT loves the ausgel pink ones.
When I say loves them I mean they go straighter than some of the other brands.
When I used the tac toy gels they were flying everywhere.

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my slr uses aka gels better then milkies with my 7.3 inner barrel

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I use exclusively the AKA Ultras for normal, and the War Interest Glow Gels for night games.
I have a variety of blasters ranging from stock to nothing original and they all have gotten better results (measured).

However, my mate uses the Yellow gels and they shoot just as good, but I put them in mine and they either confetti or shoot all over the place.

I tried the Ausgel Ultras and they were almost as good as the AKA but still fell slightly short.

I have used everything from tight bore barrels to 7.5 and I don’t control my gels (hence why I now run 7.3 as the smallest haha).


Can you post a pic of the aka gels pack, just so I know what im looking for.

Here is a pic from one of the guys here.
I’ve had both the clear pack and marked.
The discussion was if the clear packs were real.
I believe the are…and if you watch while growing them, they both have the small hardened core in them, and shoot the same.
images (8)

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Yeah I use AKA’s 90% of the time just seem to work consistently.
I also bought 10 pk from Gellball mod and in the clear bag. I reckon they’re genuine too.

+1 for AKing gels, they work well in blasters that are higher fps. 300+

Ausgel anything has been my second port of call, they are consistent. I haven’t tried Ausgel Ultras yet, mixed reports on those. AG Armourtechs have worked great in the past.


Aka gels look like fish eggs


For cheaper but quality I go for the ausgel armortechs. Used to use greens but switched to the white. I don’t use the yellow ones because their just slightly smaller than the others and it messes up with my hopup settings. They run in everything I have so far (except maybe my co2 pistol. Haven’t tried yet). Don’t use command elite milkies. They are rubbish in almost every way. My mp5 is the only thing that will shoot them.

With the harder gels. Ausgel ultras are good. But they have more inconsistent sized rounds even if you control grow them so you might get the odd jam more often. (You get 7-8k gels to a pack)

Akas are solid. Good consistent size and just as hard. But their more expensive ($13 a pack locally for me) and they lie on their pack. They say 10k gels when you get about 5.

Atomic armoury are fantastic. But even more expensive with the pack I bought giving 3-4K at $10 (means for me I’d use 30-$40 just for one game day as I go through 10-12k gels on average)

X force (black label) I’ve tried and I’ve found them to be the most consistent but they are fat. Leave them soak for too long and you’ll have 7.3-7.5mm gels. But control grow them and you’ll have some really amazing gels to play with.

I do have a pack of warinterest reds that came with my mp5 but I’ve yet to make them.

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thought the xforce black label were repacked AKA gels so we the customer got correct weight packs when the AKA packs were under weight.

I was eventually going to start a similar thread; been a bit lazy.
I am also new to the sport, and this forum; and have been doing a bit of research on this myself. Check out the Bruisemaster website for some interesting info on gel behaviour.

So far, I have hydrated and sorted around 10 - 12 bags of gels; not very much, but sorting gels is a soul-crushingly monotonous, frustrating, and very possibly pointless exercise…

I’ve used the Aka’s; LDT Milkies and glow; Gold pack Milkie’s, and some generic eBay clears. Have yet to do Ausgels, or CMH brand reds, the only other brands I hear mentioned with any frequency, apart from various ‘shop’ brands, which all appear to me to be ‘‘generics’’ or Gold packs.

I tried timing the grows, but I’m useless, and busy sometimes, so opted for the long soak method. I just leave the gels in water.
They will only get so big, so I sort at max size, then store in water in black 5lt containers (light and air are the enemy).
Evap is slow atm; but they start shrinking immediately after draining, so I keep in water until they go into the mag, or into speed loaders for a game.

I set up rails ala Low Guido (check out YouTube) to roll the balls down… The rails were set 6mm at the top end and 8 at the bottom, with buckets position to catch balls at UNDER 7.3mm and OVER 7.3mm. Initially tried for more sizings; but it is difficult.
The balls appear to adhere to their own laws of physics. They bounce like super balls (remember those, Over-40’s?), push each other thru smaller holes; leap-frog each other, and alavanche at EVERY given opportunity.
It’s HOURS AND HOURS AND DAYS of rolling tiny bouncy bastards and praying that your hands don’t shake, or you don’t bump the rail; sore back from up/down…

Did I mention the term Soul-Crushing?

So you roll the balls down, and they fall through when they fit, and land (usually) in their respective buckets.

The vast majority of gels seem to be in the 7.2mm+ range, with most of those around 7.4.
LDT milkies and genetic clears from ebay seem to be the most consistent, with AKAs in 2nd place.
Gold packs were excellent consistency, but in the 7.2mm range…
My money on the best, all-round gel for 7.3-7.5mm ID barrels is the
LDT red pack milkies… The smaller gels I’ll save for pistols/tight bore, the rest are standards…

You can’t help but notice, as the balls roll down, while you desperately search for ways to stay sane, that the balls are mostly not spheres as such. This could be me over soaking; probably contributes… But I’m guessing these things all come out of the same few factories, and that they’re not particularly precision-engineered in the first place.

Over all, I feel like the LDTs are the go to’s for ‘‘out of the bag’’ consistency. AKAs were def heavier per-ball, but only just.
Then again, the AKAs were ALMOST as consistent, also. But not quite close enough considering the usual premium on them, and the slightly higher potential for feed issues/blocks…
As stated on here already, everyone has their own experiences/preferences/setups… Heat, humidity, wind etc will affect these things differently on any given day also.
At average .25 of a gram, they ain’t heavy, so range and accuracy is a roll of the dice - mine on rapid-burst looks more like a shotgun!
I believe the smallest gel should not be smaller than the ID of your chosen barrel - forget firearms, and think blow-darts or spitballs - but too big, and they won’t feed properly, or get stuck.
Too small, half your pressure is lost bypassing the ball…

Over all, despite the alcoholism-inducing process of sorting, it’s kinda fun to go thru all this stuff…
I’ve worked out my personality is a conflicting mix of OCD and psychotic impatience.
You’ll have to ask the missus if that’s good or bad…

Full disclosure: I currently own 1 blaster, an ‘only receiver is original’ gen8, currently in pieces, waiting for postie to bring my SS 7.3mm barrel, and some other parts, so I can test my gel sorting…Planning on a metal Well MRT long, and at least one pistol (1911 or the Sig) over the next few weeks…



I thought I remembered seeing somewhere xforce made them as an alternative because the akas were constantly out of stock and difficult to get in at the time.

I could definitely be wrong though. Won’t be the first time.

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Have you tried the Xforce hard ones in the black packet. I tried them on the weekend and they weren’t to bad . $10 for 6000 I think

Oh just saw the post above , there already mentioned

Mate of mine uses them in some of his blasters and yellows in others.

To another point made, I have used the CEH Hardened Milkies to great effect.
I bought bulk of them for use in my SAW as I average about 30k gels in a short day with the SAW.

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My son uses the ceh ones , are they gladiators or something like that

No idea…I bought them in a bulk 1kg lot…about 220k in a pack…

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That’ll be their standard old Milkies. Cheap as chips. But I ran into feed issues with most of my blasters with them

Yeah I didn’t expect much from them to be honest…but they shoot well enough in my SAW.
Haven’t tried them in any of my other blasters.
Do they shoot as well as the AKAs…? Not a chance.
Do they shoot well enough that I can supress an area for 40k rounds…? Yes