Gen 8 aluminium buffer battery access

Hi everyone
Probably a typical nooby question but I have a aluminium buffer tube for my m4a1 Gen 8 and I am wondering what people do for battery charging access without disassembling the lock nut and unscrewing the tube which I think would be a PITA
Thinking maybe shorten the wires and turn the battery around
Thanks in advance.
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Not 100% on what you are asking, to remove a buffer tube battery for charging you normally just remove the stock and leave the buffer tube in place.

Probably should of been clearer but the aluminium buffer is blocked off where you access the battery on the stock buffer

Oh yeah I see, that’s a weird buffer tube. Yes I would agree that you should shorten the wires, though personally I would simply take a hacksaw to the closed end of the buffer tube.

there are foldable buffer tube adapter options also.

i lengthen and access the buffer by taking the stock off.

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Problem solved
Thought I would try to knock the plug out of the tube and after a few taps the cap loosened and I found it was threaded in

Yeah, the end caps on blaster buffer tubes are always screw off caps.

Just about to say, unscrew the cap… :crazy_face:

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Only owned my blaster for a week so I have a lot to learn

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It’s all good. So many people are scared of making mistakes… Me included a lot of the time.
Don’t be.
When you make a mistake, be happy. You just learnt something!

Learning something is the greatest thing that could happen in your life :grin:


That’s what forums are for… so you can ask… rather than breaking stuff…

The only dumb question, is the question not asked (when you are standing there with you broken blaster in your hands) laughing%20(1)