Gen 8 bearing size

I’m away from my blaster for a week so can’t check. Wondering what size bearings are in it. I have the gen 8 that comes stock with the nylon receiver and nylon gearbox ( is that a newer/upgraded/updated gen 8?) Im looking at metal gear kits and I see some come with 6mm bearing and I’ve seen others stating 7mm bearings. Which one do I have?

I would stake Rattler’s life on them being 7mm :thinking: :grin:

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That was my thought also. Just wanted confirmation. Thanks.

It will depend on which nylon box it is , 6mm, 7mm and 8mm.
Original was 6mm but nylon boxes are available that have 7mm and 8mm :exploding_head:

And I won’t stake my life on it :rofl:


All of the black nylon cases I have here are 7mm… they all came from ebay.

There has been alot of talk lately about hardened bushes being superior to bearings these days… there is a thread or 2 on the subject.

From what I can gather, for stock to medium ROF, bearings are good, but they need lubing/maintaining… really high ROF … the hardened bushes (greased) are better… is that about right Rattler?

High speed with low load = bearings are better. (Quality bearings not junk)
Low speed with high load = bushes are better.
Bearings = higher maintenance .


Also high rof doesn’t allways mean high speed gears, dsg for instance, the gears don’t run fast, it just does two spring pulls per rev.


You sure? I thought bushes were more suited to high speed applications like DSG ?

Read above, dsg is not high speed gears.

Yeah I get that now. DSG 9:1 are still spinning the same speed on the axle as 18:1 gears. Thanks buddy :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. Thanks for the info guys. Will hold off ordering parts till I can measure my case. In meantime I can research hardened bushes haha.

Thanks for sharing the information about gen 8 bearing size.

So definitely 7mm bushing on the nylon gen 8s?

Calcifier were your black nylon cases jinming?

My stock ones measured at 7.5mm haha?? So im guessing i need 8mm maybe.

Also on the tac edge website in the gen 8 section they only have the 8mm bushings , although they have the 7 and 6 for sale in another section.

I ended up adding the 8mm to my cart so see how it goes I guess lols

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Yeah I think itll depend what nylon case it is mate. Ive had 6mm and 7mm.

Have you got a pic of the housing with the normal bushes/bearings?

Just wondering did you sort out the bearing size were they 7 or 8mm, I am only wondering as I have the same ■■■ and would like to know before I crack it open as I want all my upgrade parts here so I can use it right up to point of the upgrade. Did you work out if hardened bushes or bearings worked better? This is my first build so want to know as much as I can so I get the best out of it

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Research, research, research mate. It’s the best way to find out info for your builds.

Its hard to say what size you will have until you atleast open up the blaster…

Righto thanks mate I thought so but was hoping.

Heres a pic if anyone can tell be eye? Thx


Ok so I realised I only measured the outside not the inside hahaha

So 8mm ???

This is where you need to measure