Gen 8 beginner upgrades

Hi all, just wondering what are the best beginner upgrades for a jm m4a1 j8. I’ve given mine a paint job and changed the trigger (after I snapped it). I’m going to change the o-ring but is there any other worth while upgrades. Thanks

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Morning Archie I’m no expert but been into the game for around a year and like yourself started with m4 great starting project so up to you and your finances but hopup will give you more range metal barrel helps also just ytube and subscibe to some of the toy experts like tach edge or the chop shop them guys are champs

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I’m glad you asked. This is my Gen 8 M4 with mods. Some are custom DIY and some are bought. There are more to come:

DIY Parts first (these will be the subject of another thread in the near future)
19mm metal outer barrel and mods of original nylon handguard to suit
Mods to original nylon handguard to suit alloy barrel adaptor
Mag prime switch (courtesy of Low Guido’s You Tube instructional vid)
M249 handgrip with mods to make it stable
Mods to picatinny rails to make them stable
Repaint bits in Desert Tan/Sand to get the KAC M4 look
Camo tape for extra looks

Bought bits
Camera mount - had to be DIY’d as the mount was for a go pro and I had a different system
Alloy barrel adapter
45 deg 3 slot metal picatinny rail
2 slot metal picatinny rail
Rail covers
Aimpoint Optics - had to mod top rail as it flexes too much being plastic

11.1V battery
35cm alloy 7.5mm inner barrel
DJS 9.5mm hop up
1.18mm unequal spring
Green Oring
Replaced all receiver screws with 2.5mm allen key head screws

And I will be going way further with build. I was tossing up whether to just get a Gen9 as the V2 gearbox has lots of upgrade options and Gen8 parts are getting harder to get, example being a metal buffer tube which is next on the list but hard to find now.

On the purchase list (or currently on the way is):

13:1 or 16:1 SHS CNC gears (haven’t decided gear ratio yet)
Tappet delay plate
Upgraded supertough tappet plate and spring
460 Hi torque motor and alloy pinion
Alloy trigger (maybe mag release and selector as well but these are non essential parts)
metal plunger and 14 tooth metal ladder
One piece CNC cylinder and head
Metal top rail
Metal buffer tube
Metal front handguard
MOE front handgrip
PEQ15 dummy - going to run batteries to the front AEG style. I do not like how the battery leads are squashed into the rear of the Gen 8 housing.
Change to either Deans or XT30 plugs - have you noticed how hot the stock JST plugs get after even a minute of sustained fire
Flip up sights front and back

The one thing I found after a day or two on the field, parts like the stock and handguard start getting loose, hence why I made some DIY mods. All metal would be good but dont have the money to spend on that sort of gear…yet

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Thanks I’ll have a look into an inner barrel and a hopup. Also I’ll try some diy’s.

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Love the personal touches m8 it’s a blasting Picasso no the feeling Buttet love mods and running around having a blast with friends ,think I’ll be going the same way and making some home grown mods

Where did you get your inner barrel from?

Just bought a cheapy on Ali Express - 45cm length, 9.5mm OD 7.5mm ID. Cost about $4. I’m not one of these anal retentives who sit around measuring their gel balls to fit into their Bruisemaster tight bore :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Yeah that’s a point they do really get warm i buggered a battery up a couple months ago something shorted out and no pollymer dont like heat ended up the rear stock on mine spat a pin hence i grabed a well from ninja blasters before they ran out of stock 100 now that’s a good price and its my new best friend waitng on a new shoulder guard to come from china for the jin ming def the airtight throughout and a slightly slarger spring makes for some fun . Butter get off by but and head to work have a safe day friends

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