Gen 8 box increase fire rate

hey guys… i have a M4a1 gen 8 im looking to get a higher fire rate , i currently have these mods
Hi chi red motor high speed 460
11v battery
metal standard gears
bearing instead of bushes
1.12 spring i think, unequal
allow barrel with a tac toy hop up non adjustable
standard plunger and cylinder with green O ring
tested yesterday avg260fps with 24rof

cheers looking forward to your feedback

With what you have the main ways would be a different ratio of gears. I’m guessing you have 18-1 gears so if you went 13-1 it would increase the fire rate. Or you could get a faster motor

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i was thinking gears… is there a faster motor then the 460 that fits a gen 8 only ones i can see are long shaft motors… and would going to a smaller spring would that help as well? i guess to go for a higher rof you will have to sacrifice hitting power and fps

If you go gears or motor be a bit conservative, gen8’s have weak wiring and switches and you will overload them.
You can buy 460 motors in different speeds and the purple one is quite fast.
Also the next speed up from 18:1 is 16:1 , if you go for 13:1 You will need experience or you will have issues guaranteed

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thanks Rattler

i wouldnt say iam experienced, im slowly getting my head around modding and i enjoy pulling the gear box apart and experimenting with new mods… i was thinking of upgrading the wiring to thicker wires…
in your opinion what would you class a high rof. are the gen8s limited to a rof i would like to get imto the 50s for rof

To me 50rps is unrealistic and you will need skill to achieve that in a gen 8 !
You will need to know the finer points of short stroking and the wiring will need a complete overhaul including a mosfet and a very good battery.
Stick to what you have or maybe 16:1 or a purple motor.