Gen 8 Cylinder Ladder Stripped

Stripped the first tooth off the nylon ladder on my Gen 8 cylinder plunger, looking for a replacement…

Most of the options on ebay & instore seem to have metal ladders… I think I know the answer, but is it possible to run a metal cylinder ladder with nylon gears?

It’s gonna tear the shite out of the gears, hey?

That’s unfortunate mate but it happens to the best of us!

Generally you don’t mix and match nylon/metal.

You could probably try and find yourself a half decent piston with the last tooth being metal but personally I think it’s time to upgrade.
Some metal gears, piston with full metal ladder would be the way to go imo.


Thought about that… does that mean swapping out the liner bushes in the gearbox case for ball bearing, or will the metal gears be ok with the factory bushes? It’s a nylon gearbox, btw.

I’m not chasing high ROF, got a 1.2 unequal spring, stronger tappet spring, o ring upgrade, alloy nozzle, 11.1v battery. :+1:

I’m actually not too sure if it’ll be sweet or not mate.

I’ve always either swapped them out for bearings or quality bushes.


When the sector gear hits the tooth on the ladder, it is like being hit on the full by a golf club… alot of energy. If the sector gear is made of nylon and the ladder is nylon, there is some ‘give’ … if the ladder is metal and the sector is nylon… or the ladder is nylon and the gear is metal… then the nylon will loose every time.

You are correct, best to get metal gears (even cheap cast off ebay) and a piston with metal ladder… then don’t go silly with heavier spring (no more than 1.3mm ) and be aware that 3S battery will cause alot more stress thru the gearbox than 2S will pop