Gen 8 firing issue

I have recently stripped gears in my gen 8 so I just chucked in metal gears. Once I put it back together it would shoot about 10 gels then stop. It feels like the motor wants to go but can’t. If I put the safety on then off again it works. What might be the problem??

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What size spring is in the blaster and what battery are you using? With a heavy spring (like 1.4mm+) a 2S battery can’t always push hard enough to keep it running… running

Did you shim the new gears properly?noidea

100% agree with Calcifer, correct shimming is critical with metal gears… punters have stripped out metal gears after a couple of mags with the wrong clearances… Low Guido’s got a great vid on Youtube about gear shimming, might help you out a bit.

Welcome to the group, btw. Great advice and lots of interesting topics on here. :+1:


I think I have shimmed it correctly. I watched many different videos on how to do it. I am only running the stock spring with the stock 7.4v battery.

Does the motor smell hot when it stops sho0oting? It sounds to me like the gearbox is tight? Or the plunger is not in its grooves? Something must be slowing down the gearbox? noidea

It works perfectly fine for about 10 gels then just stops. No smell doesn’t make any funny noises, i thought it might be wiring.

Hmmm… if the wiring were bad, it wouldn’t work at all… it must be a heat/drag thing?

Hopefully one of the others can suggest something else…:thinking:

So we’re back to spring and motor combo

Is the motor stock? How about the spring?

I’ve recently had to replace the motor in my RX AK because I put a slightly larger spring into it.

I had a 1.18 spring in it but it shot really slow so I took it out and put the standard spring in. The motor is stock.

So it’s presently wearing the original spring and motor

What are the chances it’s a trigger contact issue? Vibration and depression would be my thoughts here

Yeh stock spring and motor. It’s not trigger contact because I can hear it click when I fire.

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Your motor terminals are really solid? Don’t come off easily?

As a test is remove the motor from the box and give it a few squirts. Enough that you’d normally replicate the issue.

Less torque or overheating, this will be more telling in terms of mechanical or electrical

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Ok haven’t tried that yet. Thanks for that.